Overwatch 2 Game Pass Perk: Free Skins for Season 10

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Overwatch 2 Game Pass Perk: Free Skins for Season 10

Players that sign up for Game Pass Ultimate get three high-tier Overwatch 2 skins for free, so here's how to get your Overwatch 2 Game Pass Perk.

A new Game Pass Ultimate perk gives members three rare Overwatch 2 hero skins. The promo offers bespoke cosmetics from three separate Battle Passes, and lets you keep them forever.

Medusa Widowmaker, Executioner Junker Queen and Visual Kei Kiriko are the skins you get in the new Overwatch 2 Game Pass Perks. These skins were previously exclusive for their respective battle passes, so this bundle is something you won't want to miss out on!

Find out how to get three free skins with your Game Pass Ultimate subscription below!

How to Get Overwatch 2 Game Pass Perks

From free trials to huge expansions, there are a ton of juicy perks that come with your Xbox Game Pass. And the latest one comes just in time for Overwatch 2 season 10.

To claim the Overwatch 2 Game Pass Perks, head to the Game Pass window and scroll down until you see the ‘Perks' tab. From there, you'll find all of the limited-time goodies that you can avail with your current membership tier.

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Overwatch 2 Game Pass Perks

From there, select the Overwatch 2 perk that lets you “Boost Your Strength and Style!”. This will give you a code that lets you redeem the skins in-game.

Overwatch 2 Game Pass Perks

Executioner Junker Queen (Legendary)

Overwatch 2 Game Pass Perks 

Visible Kei Kiriko (Epic)

Overwatch 2 Game Pass Perks 

Season 10 is in full swing, and the competitive meta is focusing on tight brawl comps, especially after the debut of Overwatch 2's latest damage hero Venture. The new season also gave us the new Clash game mode, where players vie for control over 5 objectives; each one putting you closer to the enemy spawn.

Medusa Widowmaker (Legendary)

Overwatch 2 Game Pass Perks 

Similar skin bundles (which typically throw in Overwatch Coins and other in-game credits) are available at the in-game store. That said, this is the first time we've seen Blizzard give away more than 2 Legendary skins, so the temptation to upgrade our Game Pass membership is real!

The PC Game Pass membership gives its members access to a wide array of AAA games for a monthly/yearly subscription. The Game Pass Ultimate on the other hand gives you all of the same perks, and access to multiplayer if you're playing on an Xbox console.

The Overwatch 2 Game Pass Perks skins will be up for grabs until June 19, 2024, and the codes stay valid until June 26.

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