Overwatch 2 Game Jargon Guide

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Overwatch 2 Game Jargon Guide

Are you looking for an Overwatch 2 game jargon guide? Here are some of the most important terms you need to know.

Even though Overwatch 2 is not that new, many people have yet to play one of Blizzard’s most successful games. Others have been playing for years, but they have never invested enough time in it to know the terms that players use. Therefore, we’ve created an Overwatch 2 game jargon guide that will include all the words you need to know. Needless to say, we will also explain what every word means, so let’s dive in.

Overwatch 2 Game Jargon Guide

Overwatch 2 Game Jargon Guide

A lot of people ask what does C9 mean in Overwatch 2, but there are a lot of other terms you should know. Of course, you can play without knowing anything mentioned here, but once you reach a specific rank, you will start hearing those things a lot more. Therefore, it is better to learn all terms beforehand. So, let’s dive in.


This is a term that Overwatch 2 players use to describe those who are located behind the rest of the team. Usually, this includes healers, but you could also see different kinds of ranged DPS, such as Widowmaker.


If one of the two teams becomes over-aggressive, you can often hear the term “try to back-cap”. The Overwatch 2 Game Jargon guide reveals that this is used when you want to try and capture an objective behind the enemy team’s back. It is not easy, but there are many situations where it can work well, especially versus lower-skilled opponents.

Baby D.Va

Even though some Overwatch 2 players use all kinds of terms, Baby D.Va is common jargon used to describe the situation where D.Va is out of her mech.

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Every Overwatch 2 player has probably seen people type 1/2/2, and it refers to picking a classic setup of 1 tank, 2 heals, and 2 DPS. Prior to Overwatch 2, people used 2/2/2 because the game had a 6v6 format.


The Overwatch 2 Game Jargon guide includes beat, a word that people use when they want Lucio to use his ultimate.


Ball is the short form of Wrecking Ball, one of the popular tank heroes. Some OW 2 players also call him Hammond or even Hamster.


When you see Reaper and Ana in action, you will often hear “Bayblade”, which refers to these two heroes using their ultimates together.

Brawl Comp

A Brawl Comp is a term in this Overwatch 2 Game Jargon Guide that is used to describe combos where the heroes need to move together to be effective. The idea of this combo is to close the distance, and it is usually really strong in certain matchups. 


Another popular term that involves Ana is Boostio, but this time, it includes, you’ve guessed it, Lucio! Don’t be surprised when you find out Blizzard even added a special voice line to Lucio when Ana uses her ultimate on him.


Overwatch 2 Game Jargon Guide

This is the short form of Brigitte


You can often see the question “what does C9 mean in Overwatch 2” and you can find out that it describes a situation where teams fail to touch a point or a given objective and lose the match. The term originates from Could9, a popular Overwatch 2 team that used to do this.


We’ve included this in the Overwatch 2 Game Jargon Guide because it has 2 meanings. Besides composition (the heroes you are picking), it can also mean Competitive Mode.

CC/Crowd Control

WoW players are aware that Crowd Control/CC is used when a given hero uses an ability that has disabled another target’s movement. It can be a stun, slow, or something else.


Dive is a popular combination of heroes that rely on their mobility to be effective. It usually includes the likes of Tracer, Winston, and others.


If you or an ally of yours is not performing well in a given position, you will see others use the “diff” word. This means that that given person is not doing as well as the corresponding player on the enemy team.

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Dry Push

Overwatch 2 Game Jargon Guide

We’ve added this in the Overwatch 2 Game Jargon Guide because it is used when a team is pushing and forces the enemy squad to use a lot of cooldowns. This allows them to be more effective on the second attack.


Eat is used when D.Va uses her Defence Matrix against a specific projectile.


This is Baptiste’s Immortality Field.


Sometimes, you need someone to take on a specific role that is not picked yet. When this player does that, he fills in, which is the long version of “fill”.


Believe it or not, a lot of people use Frog to describe Lucio.

Grav Dragon

Grav is the short for Graviton Surge, and Dragon is the short for Dragonstrike. As you can imagine, these two words together describe the combo between Hanzo and Zarya.


Hitscan is an important term in this Overwatch 2 Game Jargon Guide because it is used for characters whose shots do not have travel time to hit opponents (such as Soldier: 76).


IGL is short for in-game leader, a person who is calling the shots.


The best heroes and/or combos in a given match are called “Meta”.


We’ve already answered what MIT means in Overwatch 2, and it is the damage that a given player blocks.

Nano Blade

This is the ultimate combos of Ana and Genji.


The Overwatch 2 Game Jargon Guide reveals that Push is the new game mode that allows both teams to push and gain control of a robot.
Spam Comp

This is used for setups that rely on long-range damage that forces enemies to use some of their defensive abilities.


This is used when D.Va kills someone with her ability called Call Mech.


Stagger or staggering is when you kill someone shortly after killing another target, and you will prevent them from spawning together. The idea here is to force your opponents to wait for each other. 

Overwatch 2 Game Jargon Guide
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