Four Hero Changes We Wish We Saw in Overwatch 2

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Four Hero Changes We Wish We Saw in Overwatch 2

Following Blizzard’s announcement that Overwatch 2 will be available this October, people had the chance to try the open beta. Even though it did not include every new hero, we had the opportunity to test Sojourn, as well as some new maps. Of course, we also had access to all the names we were familiar with.

The Overwatch 2 closed beta was even more interesting because the developers allowed us to test the second new addition to the game – Junker Queen. We also got a good idea of every other hero and what we can expect from them. 

Although many players were happy with the changes, some expected more. So, let’s learn more about some of the things that many of us wished we saw in Overwatch 2 that are not available yet. Keep in mind that  Blizzard might decide to add them in the future.

A new ability for Widowmaker

Snipers are usually one of the most famous heroes/weapons in a given game because they are fun to play. Furthermore, having the option to one-shot someone is oddly satisfying, which is why Widowmaker has always been a popular pick. Even though this is one of the most controversial heroes in the game, she is mighty in the hands of those who can land headshots.

Widowmaker received a buff in Overwatch 2 because she has more HP. However, this was not what most people hoped for. Due to the hero’s specific playstyle, we expected Blizzard to add a new ability so that she could become stronger. Sadly, this was not the case.

Don’t get us wrong, Widowmaker is still an excellent option, especially now when heroes do not have substantial barriers. However, her high skill cap means that only people who can land headshots will succeed. The good thing is that the developers kept her movement ability because it allows her to secure exceptional positions.

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We wouldn’t be surprised if Blizzard actually decides to add a new ability to Widowmaker in the future. Imagine if she had something similar to Echo’s sticky bombs that allowed her to finish off a target she nearly killed. 

Better range damage from Mei

Before we share some of our thoughts about this hero, we’d like to point out that Blizzard did a pretty good job with her in OW 2. Let’s face it, Mei was never the go-to option for most DPS players in Overwatch. She was great in the hands of professional players, but her lack of damage and awkward playstyle made her terrible for most pub games. 

It seems like Blizzard thought the same because the company decided to change a lot of things about her. Now, she deals 2x more damage and is way more dangerous, especially in closer range. However, her Ice Wall is not as strong as before.

While it is true that Mei does more damage up close, she is not that good in long-range combat. Sure, she can fire her icicles that do a lot of damage if she lands a headshot, but there is no such thing as burst ability. We might be asking too much here, considering Mei’s new damage output, but adding this to her arsenal will make her even more dangerous.

Some kind of a shield or barrier for Roadhog

One of the interesting things about Overwatch 2 is that each class now has a specific passive ability. In the case of tanks, they have resistance to CC effects, which allows them to have more uptime and be much harder to kill. 

Sadly, the new ability came at a cost because the barriers in this game are not as good as those in Overwatch. Reinhardt’s shield, for example, is much weaker, whereas heroes like Orisa don’t even have one anymore. Speaking of not having a shield, we expected Roadhog to receive something that would allow him to tank at least some incoming damage. However, this was not the case.

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Roadhog was among the few tanks in Overwatch that relied on his massive HP to be effective. What’s more, he was the only tank that could heal himself, thanks to “Take a Breather”. Interestingly, this ability is even better in Overwatch 2 because it heals him for 350 HP instead of 300.

Unfortunately, he continues to be one of the tanks that do not have any kind of barrier. This puts him in the same boat as Junker Queen and a couple of other options.

More HP for Tracer

Last but not least, many of us were eager to see whether Tracer would finally get at least a small HP buff. As you know, this is the squishiest hero in Overwatch because she has only 150 HP. Fortunately, she makes up for it by doing tons of damage, especially when she is close to her target.

Despite being one of the hardest heroes to master, it seems like Blizzard thinks that she is too powerful. So, instead of buffing her, Tracer now deals 1 less damage with her Pulse Pistols than before. This does not seem a lot, but it affects the hero’s playstyle because she will need more time to kill her target. This is where an HP boost could come in handy.


There are still a few months left until Overwatch 2 becomes available to the public. The game will be free to play, so we expect to attract way more players than before. We don’t know whether there will be any new changes in the future, but we will definitely make sure to keep an eye on them. In the meantime, feel free to check the betting guides, as well as everything else about this game.

Four Hero Changes We Wish We Saw in Overwatch 2
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