Overwatch 2: Moira Guide, What’s Changed With This Popular Support

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Overwatch 2: Moira Guide, What’s Changed With This Popular Support

Overwatch 2 changed many of our favorite heroes. Some of them have new abilities, whereas others are slightly nerfed. With that being said, there are heroes that were affected by both, and Moira is one of them. 

Moira was one of the popular supports in Overwatch and a hero that we often had the chance to watch in the big tournaments. She is a hero that excels in AoE healing, which makes her ideal for combos that like to stick together. Furthermore, Moira is one of the highest damage-dealing support in the game.

While it is true that many of Moira’s core abilities remain relatively the same, she has a couple of new things in Overwatch 2 that you have to be aware of. Although the game will become available in October this year, the closed beta is accessible right now, so you can put her to the test.

Before you decide to try Moira and everything she offers, let’s go through some important things you should know.

Moira’s new abilities in Overwatch 2

First, we’d like to share more information about Moira’s abilities in Overwatch 2. The first thing you will notice is that she no longer has a Biotic Orb. Instead, Moira has a new ability called Necrotic Orb.

This thing fires a projectile that explodes in a three-meter radius on impact and deals 40 damage and 10 explosion damage. What’s more impressive is that the enemies affected by the orb will receive a debuff that will reduce their outgoing damage by 75%. This effect lasts for four seconds, which makes Moira incredibly dangerous. 

Necrotic Orb has a 16 seconds cooldown, which is a lot, especially in a game like Overwatch. With that being said, it does not share its cooldown with the Healing Orb, which means Moira can use both when needed.

Speaking of the Healing Orb, this thing now has 10 seconds cooldown and heals for 250 instead of 300 HP. This already impacts her because she can’t heal as much as before. 

Another nerf that Moira players have to take into consideration is related to Biotic Grasp and Fade. The first ability’s self-healing is down from 24 to 20 per second. As for Fade, this ability has a 7 seconds cooldown (it was 6 before).

The Moira's role

Even though some people might think that Moira received too many nerfs, we have to remember that her Necrotic Orb is powerful. Many players will underestimate this ability because it does not do a lot of damage. Fortunately, it makes up for it by applying one of the strongest debuffs in the game.

The fact that a given enemy hero will have a 75% damage reduction means that Moira can make things like Dragon Blade or Sojourn’s ultimate completely useless. Naturally, this had to come at a cost, which explains why Moira’s other abilities have been nerfed.

Although she used to be a great option for people who want to deal more damage and heal their teammates, her role is way more important in Overwatch 2. Timing these Necro Orbs can make a huge difference, which is why she needs to stay alive for as long as possible. Sadly, this is not that easy because some heroes do not have shields anymore.

Speaking of heroes, Moira can work with a lot of options in Overwatch 2. Similar to Overwatch, she can do wonders with characters like Rein and Sigma because they have shields that allow their teams to hide behind them. Once this happens, Moira can use her AoE healing to keep the entire team alive.

Aside from the classic combos, Moira is also an excellent option to use alongside Junker Queen. The latter is one of the most aggressive tanks in Overwatch 2, which means that most enemies have to focus on her. This gives Moira enough time to use her healing power and keep JQ and the other three teammates alive.


The fact that Overwatch 2 now offers 5v5 matches instead of a 6v6 lineup definitely has an impact on the meta. Many people are not sure what kind of combos to go for. Some of them rely on one healer, whereas others have two supports and one tank. If the one-support meta becomes the popular option, Moira will have a difficult time competing against the other top-tier heroes in this position because of the counters.

Despite the fact that her Fade allows her to dodge some attacks, Moira is weak against some popular heroes in the game. For example, Moira is not good against tanks like D.Va, even after the addition of the new Orb. This is one of the tanks in the game that is notorious for doing more damage, which means she can kill Moira fast.

Like most other supports, Moira is also not good against Widowmaker. In fact, she can’t do anything against the deadly sniper other than hide because Moira is not good for long-range flights.

While talking about snipers, we also have to mention Hanzo and Ashe. The latter can be countered because Moira is deadly in close-range combats, but Hanzo can one-shot the support in no time.

Bottom Line

Moira was one of the first heroes to receive nerfs after the arrival of the closed beta in Overwatch 2. It seems like she was too strong, which is why Blizzard decided to increase her cooldowns and do a few other tweaks.

Moira’s current state is good, and it is safe to say she is one of the best supports in the game. That said, she is a hero who only works in some situations. It is definitely not an option you should go for in every match.

Overwatch 2: Moira Guide, What’s Changed With This Popular Support
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