Overwatch 2 Error Bn-564 – How to Resolve It?

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Overwatch 2 Error Bn-564 – How to Resolve It?

If you have the Overwatch 2 Error Bn-564 and are not sure what to do, check this article. Learn how to resolve it.

Blizzard’s games are usually not known for having bugs, and Overwatch 2 is not an exception. However, there are instances where people can get the Overwatch 2 Error Bn-564, which will prevent them from playing. This is an annoying error, but the good news is that you can resolve it with little to no effort. Let’s learn more about this Overwatch issue.

Overwatch 2 Error Bn-564 – How to Fix It?

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What’s interesting about this error is that people will usually not get it while playing on a PC. Instead, the Overwatch 2 Error Bn-564 is something that appears on PlayStation, and it shows when there are problems with the servers and they are down for maintenance. This happens from time to time because Blizzard has to make sure that all servers are working and people can have fun while playing.

If you have an Overwatch 2 Error Bn-564, you should go to Twitter and find the BlizzardCS because this is where you can learn more about new updates and the status of the servers.  People who keep getting the Overwatch 2 Error Bn-564 even if there isn’t server maintenance should do the following:

  • Go to their Battle Bet Account and select “Account Settings”.
  • Choose “Security & Privacy”, followed by “Connected Accounts”.
  • Disconnect your PlayStation Network account and restart your game on the PlayStation.
  • Finally, you must link your Battle.net account with the PlayStation network again.
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If you still have issues logging in and keep getting the Overwatch 2 Error Bn-564, it is advisable to contact the customer support team. Blizzard is famous for having a top-tier support department that will always help you when needed. Also, try watching YouTube videos because other users will most likely experience a similar problem.

Overwatch 2 Error Bn-564 – How to Resolve It?
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