Overwatch 2 DPS Role — 5 Things You Shouldn’t Forget

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Overwatch 2 DPS Role — 5 Things You Shouldn’t Forget

Playing DPS in Overwatch 2? We go over 5 things you shouldn't forget!

Overwatch 2 is slowly but steadily ready to enter Season 3. The game became available a couple of months ago, allowing people to experience new maps, heroes, and abilities. However, the game remained relatively the same, so people had to choose from 3 distinctive positions.

Despite the fact that the Overwatch 2 tanks received significant buffs, most people are fans of the DPS. Consequently, this is the go-to role for many people, especially those who want to reach their desired rank.

While it is true that some Overwatch 2 DPS players know what they need to do to succeed, others aren’t like that. Consequently, they make a lot of mistakes that usually don’t allow them to win. We can’t include everything in one article, but you must remember a couple of important aspects, so let’s check them out.

Doing more damage doesn't mean you're more valuable than someone doing less

One of the biggest misconceptions regarding the Overwatch 2 DPS role is that you need to do as much damage as possible. This is true up to a point because doing more damage means you apply more pressure. However, those who top the damage chart aren’t always useful.

An important thing to remember is that you should not do “trash damage”. This is a common term used by Overwatch 2 players for those who focus on tanks, barriers, and all kinds of things, just doing more damage. You may think that this helps your team, but in reality, it doesn’t. You will be way more helpful if you focus your damage efforts on targets that you can kill.

There are many examples here, but Junkrat is probably the best hero regarding trash damage. Due to his nature, he usually deals more damage than the rest, but Overwatch 2 players who can’t use him properly aren’t as valuable as they should be. What we’re trying to say is that you should not focus on quantity and spam random damage just to be the highest-damage dealer on your team.

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Of course, there are cases where you can do random damage, and it will help, but it usually isn’t the case. So, always keep that in mind when playing with heroes like Junkrat and Pharah, and try using your insane damage output to rip through the enemy backlines.

Some Overwatch 2 DPS heroes can’t do as much damage as others

As mentioned, heroes like Junkrat and Pharah are famous in Overwatch 2 for doing insane amounts of damage. The reason why they’re so dangerous is their AoE abilities that can hit multiple units at once. Needless to say, this allows them to do more damage than hit scanners.

However, as we’ve mentioned, the best Overwatch 2 players know that doing more damage doesn’t mean you are more useful to the team. In fact, many heroes don’t do that much damage compared to the rest, but they are way more useful than them.

For example, Widowmaker is often the DPS hero with the lowest damage in a team. Nevertheless, those who can play with the hero and know how to land headshots will score way more kills than players who spam their AoE abilities. The same applies to heroes like Hanzo and Genji — they don’t do that much damage in total, but if they are good, they can secure multiple kills.

Remember that there are matchups you can’t win

Even though most people assume that Overwatch 2 is a fairly balanced game, if you ask some players, they might disagree. While it is true that every DPS hero can potentially kill any other hero in the game, there are certain matchups that are really hard. Every single hero has counters, so your job is to acknowledge that and don’t take fights that you can’t win.

The examples here and endless, so it all depends on the map and the hero you’re playing with. Experienced Overwatch 2 players always keep this in mind, but those new to the game think they are unkillable no matter what they go up against. Needless to say, this often doesn’t end well.

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Combine your ultimate with a teammate if you want to be more successful

Some Overwatch 2 DPS players, such as those with main heroes like Genji and Tracer, often forget that this is a team-based game. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to play 1v5, and there is no need to focus only on 1v1 situations. This is especially true when it comes down to using your ultimate.

Every Overwatch 2 DPS hero has a strong ultimate that is usually enough to kill at least several opponents. Unless you are Widowmaker, you should try to combine your strongest ability with someone else to get the most out of it. There are many examples of ultimate combos that can do wonders, such as Hanzo and Zarya, Genji and Ana, and so on.

The bad news is that you need to communicate with your team and let them know you want to use the combo. Unsurprisingly, this is easier said than done, especially if you are in the lower ranks and your team is not even using voice chat.

Do not take unnecessary risks and focus on what you’re good at

The last thing that Overwatch 2 DPS players must remember is that they need to avoid taking unnecessary risks and focus on what they’re good at. This applies to every role in the game but is especially true for some DPS players. For example, those who main Widowmaker want to make the awesome jump shots, but this isn’t always worth it, especially if you risk dying.

Instead of mimicking the best in the world, focus on what you’re good at. Land the shots that you know you can, and this will undoubtedly affect your success. Once you get better at Overwatch 2, you can experiment with other things and combine them to achieve even more success.

Overwatch 2 DPS Role — 5 Things You Shouldn’t Forget
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