Overwatch 2: Carrying Your Team As Lucio

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Overwatch 2: Carrying Your Team As Lucio

In this article, we will take a look at a couple of crucial things that will allow you to carry your team as Lucio.

We are just a few days away from the arrival of Season 2, but the recent updates have already impacted the meta. Heroes like Sojourn and Roadhog are definitely S-tier, but the same applies to Lucio. The hero is powerful and can easily dominate the game, especially if the person knows how to play it.

Speaking of the devil, Lucio is one of the most complex healers in Overwatch 2, and he is definitely not a hero that you can start playing immediately. However, those who know how to use him can easily carry their team if they know what they’re doing. Let’s learn some tips and Tricks that will help you once you start playing.

You need to be careful with what boost you use

Lucio is a unique Overwatch 2 hero because he is extremely mobile and fun to play. That said, he is among the few support in the game that can heal or give his teammates additional movement speed. The hero has access to both things, but he can’t provide them both at the same time. The only exception is his Overwatch 2 support passive, which heals him and nearby heroes.

Despite the fact that you only have two options to choose from, many players need to decide which one to choose. In other words, instead of providing healing when needed, they give movement speed and vice versa.

Choosing one over another is not that complicated, but it requires you to have some experience. If we take a look at some of the best Lucio players in the world, we can see that they usually focus on movement speed rather than healing. That’s because having more MS allows heroes to run in and out when needed, making them more difficult to kill. This is especially true when Lucio uses his Amp.

Even though the best players focus on movement speed, this doesn’t mean that the healing is not worth it. On the contrary, there are situations where your team will be grateful for using your amp healing. Lucio can do wonders with this ability when everyone is taking AoE damage from heroes like Pharah, Junkrat, and more.

Always look for Boop opportunities

In addition to his MS/Healing boosts, Lucio is also an excellent hero when it comes down to knocking people off cliffs. His Boop, also known as Soundwave, allows him to knock enemies away from him, which also deals some damage. However, the thing that makes this ability so good is that it allows Lucio to score easy kills on enemies that are staying near the end of the map.

Using Soundwave while they’re there allows him to knock back the hero and secure an easy kill. So, always look for opportunities to use this against your enemies because a good Boop can easily kill multiple heroes and win you the team fight.

Besides being really effective, “booping” people off the map is satisfying because you get free kills. Although doing this against people who know what they’re doing is easier said than done, you shouldn’t have that many problems in the lower-ranked brackets.

Learn when to use your Amp

Lucio’s Crossfade allows him to heal or provide movement speed, depending on the song. However, his “Amp it up” ability increases the effect of the specific song and allows him to offer more healing or extra movement speed. 

We won’t go into detail about when to use which option because it all depends on the specific situation. That said, it is essential not to waste your Amp for no reason because you may not have the chance to use it more than once during a team fight. 

Sadly, many inexperienced Lucio players use Amp on cooldown because they think it will give their team an advantage. While this is true in specific scenarios, it is better to hold on to this ability and only use it when needed. A well-timed Amp can change the course of a team fight, especially if the enemies rely on AoE damage. So, always take this into consideration when playing.

Lucio is an “off healer”, so use him as one

One of the big problems among lower-rated Lucio players is that they focus too much on healing. Some players only use the healing song and never provide any movement speed or damage. This might seem good, but it is not because Lucio is not the team’s primary healer. In fact, he can be considered as an “off support”, meaning that he can also do a lot of damage.

Truth be told, Lucio’s passive ability and his extra movement speed make him a dangerous opponent against some heroes. For example, Lucio can rip through Widowmaker because he can dive her and do enough damage to land an easy kill. Lucio can also be incredibly hard to kill, so keep that in mind and try to lure some DPS heroes into chasing you.

Using your ultimate aggressively

Everyone knows that Lucio has one of the best team-fight ultimates in Overwatch 2, and it can save everyone from dying. Although most people use it definitely or to counter other ultimates, such as Reaper’s Death Blossom, some Lucio players will use it offensively when they want to win a team fight.

When Lucio pops his ult, heroes become unkillable for the next couple of seconds. Needless to say, this is usually enough to win the team fight, especially if the enemy team has low HP. 

You have to be careful and device whether it is worth using your ult offensively. Sometimes, it is better to hold on to it because you will save your team from dying.

While we are on the topic of aggressive ults, it is worth pointing out that Lucio can be one of the most aggressive supports in Overwatch 2, so take advantage of it. You can kite pretty much any DPS in the game, so use it and try to force them to focus on you. Doing this will give your team enough space to do more.

Overwatch 2: Carrying Your Team As Lucio
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