Overwatch 2 – Best Duos in Season 5

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Overwatch 2 – Best Duos in Season 5

Here are some of the best duo heroes you can get in Season 5 of Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 Season 5 arrived several weeks ago, including a couple of big changes. Even though we will probably have to wait for the mid-season update to see any big meta changes, there is no arguing that some heroes are different. For example, you can check this article to see which are the tanks you should usually avoid playing.

Overwatch 2 is a fun game that people play with friends, and they usually like queueing for a game together. Naturally, those people want more information about some of the hottest Duo Queues in the game right now, which is why this article will share some details about them.

Cassidy and Lifeweaver

Cassidy was among the heroes in Overwatch 2 Season 5 that received the most substantial changes. Some people are not keen on new things, but the hero quickly proved he’s incredibly strong, especially against enemies that rely on their movement abilities. However, the hero’s big problem is that he is an easy target if he overextends and does not have as much mobility as other DPS.

This is where Support heroes like Lifeweaver come in because they can save him when things go bad and use his platform to allow Cassidy to reach high ground and surprise his opponents.

When talking about this platform, we also need to mention it works really well with Cassidy’s ultimate. Even though many people consider it the worst in the game, surprising your opponents with it is one of the best feelings, and you can do that using Lifeweaver’s platform.

Pharah and Mercy

The hero Pharah from Blizzard's Overwatch franchise

There are a few evergreen combos in Overwatch 2, regardless of the current meta, and Pharah and Mercy are among them. This combo has been around since the Overwatch 1 day, and it seems like it is here to stay. These two heroes work incredibly well together because Mercy boosts Pharah's damage even more, and she keeps her alive while she’s ripping through her enemies.

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Despite this combo’s effectiveness, the main thing to remember is that you need to play it right. This means the Mercy players must stay close to Pharah, and the latter has to land her shots. 

A very common mistake from most Mercy players is to use pre-healing and not provide the damage boost. Although this may seem good on paper, the reality s that not providing damage means you’re missing out on many options. That’s why Mercy players should learn when they need to use the damage boost and when to focus on healing. 

There are tons of guides on playing this combo, so we suggest looking at them. It can be incredibly annoying and successful, but only if both players know what they’re doing.

A big reason why this combo is popular right now is because of Widowmaker’s nerfs. The hero is not that good right now, which is why it is on the list for DPS Overwatch 2 Season 5 heroes that are not worth getting.

Sigma + Hanzo or Widowmaker


Despite the fact that we’ve just mentioned, Widowmaker is not the best DPS in Overwatch 2 Season 5, the hero is not unplayable. There are specific combos where it can do a lot, and the one with Sigma is among them. The same applies to Hanzo because he and Sigma are among the best duos in Season 5.

The reason why these heroes work really well together is because of the poke combo. Every long-range map can be good for you because you can do a lot of damage from a distance. Another reason why this combo works is that all enemies that try to come close to Hanzo or Widowmaker will have to go through Sigma, which is easier said than done because the latter is incredibly strong in a 1 vs X situation.

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Considering the changes after Overwatch 2 Season 5, Hanzo is the better option. He deals slightly less damage than before, but his consistent damage output allows him to punish enemies who play too aggressively.

The last thing about these heroes is that Sigma’s ult allows them to land free kills. This is especially true for Widowmaker because she can easily land one-shots once enemies are in the air.

Zenyatta and D.Va


Despite not being two of the most popular heroes in Overwatch 2 Season 5 right now, D.Va and Zenyatta can be among the best duos in Season 5 because their damage output is pretty impressive. Zen is a hero who can be extremely strong in every combo because of his orbs, but his lack of defensive abilities means that enemies will always try to dive him. This is where D.Va has to come into play because she can peel for the squishy support and punish those who overextend and try to land a kill. 

Another reason this combo has many fans right now is because D.Va can utilize it to maximize her damage and kill DPS/Supports in no time.

Tracer and Winston

When talking about the best duos in Season 5, we also need to mention the king and queen of the dive combos. Tracer and Winston have nothing in common on paper, but the two heroes are incredibly mobile and can jump in and out of a team fight whenever they want to. In other words, they are incredibly strong together because they can rip through her enemies.

Winston’s bubble enables Tracer to do even more damage than usual. She can also provide information for Winston and distract her enemies, allowing him to jump in and do damage. The only problem with this combo is that the Tracer player needs to be really good and know how to use the hero. Sadly, this is easier said than done.

Overwatch 2 – Best Duos in Season 5
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