Overwatch 2: Best Combos to Climb With

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Overwatch 2: Best Combos to Climb With

Let's look at the best combos for Overwatch 2: climb with a friend or partner up in quick play.

Now Overwatch 2 is out; it's time to take a look at some of the best combos to help you perform. Despite some significant changes, some heroes remain relatively the same, so here are some top-tier combos.

Hanzo and Echo

Even though this combo might not seem that good initially, Hanzo and Echo work pretty well together. Hanzo is one of the best mid- and long-range combat heroes, whereas Echo excels when she gets the chance to use her beam from a close range. As a result, the two are a deadly duo capable of killing anyone in seconds.

Another thing that makes these two heroes good options is their survivability. Despite not having tons of HP or any specific defensive abilities, they are swift and can easily dodge most attacks. 

Even though the hero heroes will receive nerfs to their damage output in Overwatch 2, we believe they will be a solid option for most players. The nerfs will make the combo less deadly, but if the players know what they’re doing, they shouldn’t have that many problems.

Tracer and Sombra

Let’s face it; this is probably not the best DPS duo that you want your team to have. These two heroes have a similar role in Overwatch, so players rarely pick them side by side. However, you can often find them next to each other if you play low-ranked games.

Sombra and Tracer are two DPS heroes that excel at killing people when they are alone. They are assassins that deal a lot of damage and are hard to hit. However, they usually die fast if they get caught because they are fragile.

Tracer is one of the heroes who won’t undergo many changes in Overwatch 2. In fact, the only thing new about the hero is the fact that she won’t do as much damage as before. However, this is not the case when it comes down to Sombra.

Besides reducing her Machine Pistol damage from 8 to 7, Sombra players must get used to the hero’s new hack. This ability now has a 4 seconds cooldown, but it has a longer casting time and locks enemies’ abilities for 1 second. Furthermore, it allows Sombra’s team to watch the hacked target for 8 seconds.

Aside from that, her Stealth fade-in time is down bot 50%, whereas the enemy detection radius is now 4 instead of 2 meters. Luckily, the hero can use Hack without breaking her teeth, which is really strong. On top of that, she will deal 40% additional damage to hacked targets.

All of those changes will probably make the hero more viable and deadly. Hence, we can expect to see it alongside Tracer.

Doomfist and Zarya

This is probably one of the most exciting combos we’d like to include in this article. In Overwatch, Doomfist is an explosive DPS hero that can one-shot almost anyone in the game. The hero works well in conjunction with everyone who has some sort of lockdown. Needless to say, Zarya’s ultimate is one of the best things for Doomfist because he can use all of his abilities (including the ultimate) to their full potential.

With that being said, the hero has undergone many changes in Overwatch 2. This doesn’t mean that the combo won’t work anymore, but it will have a new purpose.

For starters, Zarya’s shields should have more uptime, which means the hero will absorb more damage. Her shield will also have 225 HP instead of 200, making it more useful in every situation.

With that being said, Doomfist is an entirely new hero in Overwatch 2. Instead of being a DPS, he will be a tank. As a result, many of his abilities are different or don’t do as much damage as before. For example, the hero no longer has Rising Uppercut, whereas his Rocket Puch deals up to 30 damage. However, he can use his Power Block ability to empower the punch and give it +50% damage.

We are still unsure whether these two heroes will work together because some teams might not need two tanks. If they do, Doomfirst and Zarya seem like a very powerful combo that will easily deal tons of damage.

Mei and Reinhardt

This combo had some fans in Overwatch, but it was usually popular among the higher-rated players. That’s because Mei is not the most popular hero in lower-ranked games because of her low damage. Needless to say, this hero also has a really high skill cap, which means some people don’t know how to utilize it.

Even though Rein and Mei may not have much in common, this could change once Overwatch 2 becomes available. As you probably know, Mei is one of the DPS heroes who underwent many changes. Instead of being a utility hero that did occasional damage, the new Mei can kill her opponents in no time. This is where Rein comes to play – his shield will allow her to do as much damage as possible without having to use her defensive cooldowns.

Even though the shield of the new Reinhardt is not as strong as in Overwatch, the hero has more HP and armor. This means the hero should be able to tank enough damage to allow his team to take the lead.

Final Thoughts

All the things mentioned above are based on our experience. We have to wait until the game becomes available to see whether these combos will work. They should be good on paper, but we may see even more interesting teams.

Overwatch 2: Best Combos to Climb With
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