Overwatch 2 Announced with New Story Missions, Maps and Game Mode

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Overwatch 2 Announced with New Story Missions, Maps and Game Mode

Overwatch 2 is on the way with more action-packed PvP and new story missions.

In front of a sold-out crowd at BlizzCon 2019, Blizzard officially revealed the sequel to Overwatch, Overwatch 2. This new game will feature much of what made Overwatch such a prized game in the hearts of many; including fast-paced PvP battles and compelling characters.

But its building on this second aspect. Though there have been a number of cinematics for the Overwatch heroes, the original Overwatch did little in-game to explore the characters and their story together. With Overwatch 2, this all changes. Players will be able to fight as their favorite characters against Null Sector, an alien species that threatens the end of the world if not stopped.

This new story is geared towards old fans and new players alike, as it will feature the familiar cast of characters from Overwatch but introduce more new ones too. The story mode will be co-op based, so up to four people can play together. Through these missions, you'll be able to level up characters and customize them to become more powerful in co-op play.

The story missions will be an exceptional addition to the series, but those worried about the new PvP should not. This is because players will be able to transfer their accomplishments and loot collections from Overwatch to Overwatch 2. In addition, there will be new maps to explore and a new game mode dubbed “Push” to experience. Along with new characters mentioned earlier. Finally, Overwatch players who don't want to make the switch to Overwatch 2 won't have to for PvP. They'll get all the new maps, characters and game mode too.

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This will be a new dawn for Overwatch players, and with so much new story to follow, it will lead to an unforgettable adventure.

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