Overwatch 2 Aim Guide 2023 – How To Get Better

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Overwatch 2 Aim Guide 2023 – How To Get Better

Improve your aim in 2023 with our latest Overwatch 2 guide!

Overwatch 2 is a unique game that consists of multiple heroes divided into 3 main categories – DPS, Tank, and Support. Each hero is unique and offers special abilities, which is why some people only focus on a couple of options. Even though some heroes are completely different than others, there are some similarities between them, especially when it comes down to their primary fire.

Some heroes are known as “hit scanners”, and they are usually harder to master because you need to have a good aim in order to be effective. Sadly, some people have problems in this department, which is why this guide will try to help them resolve their issues.

Becoming a better Overwatch 2 aimer is a complicated process that takes a lot of practice. Unsurprisingly, some players decide to give up on those kinds of heroes and focus on things such as Pharah or Junkrat. However, the first couple of months in the Overwatch 2 meta revealed that hitscan heroes are powerful. 

With that said, let’s learn more about some of the things that will help you become a better Overwatch 2 aimer in 2022.

You need to learn how to move and shoot

Overwatch 2 is unique in many aspects, and the movement is one of them. Unlike other shooters, such as CSGO, where you have to stay still to be accurate, this game is different. Overwatch 2 gives you the unique opportunity to land your shots, regardless if you are jumping, crouching, or even flying. Even though some people think that this mechanic isn’t good because it eliminates some of the skill factors, it makes the game unique.

Knowing this information, you have to try and use it to your advantage when playing with certain heroes. Solider: 76 is one of the best examples of a hit scan hero that can move fast, crouch, and do all sorts of other things. Once you learn how to deal with his recoil, you can easily move around and make yourself harder to hit while doing damage.

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Once you learn how to move correctly, you can avoid most of the incoming damage and maximize your attacks. In fact, movement is essential when it comes down to surviving, especially when playing against certain heroes. Things like Widowmaker or Ashe will always want to land a headshot, so doing everything you can to prevent this from happening is definitely a step in the right direction.

Speaking of dodging attacks, you can’t do that against all heroes. For example, options like Tracer and Sobra are known for having “spamming” guns that do a lot of damage when they’re close to you. However, due to their fast fire rate and damage output, dodging them is easier said than done.

Focus on opponents that are jumping

Some Overwatch 2 players with experience with other shooters often make the mistake of jumping for no reason. This tactic may work in some games, such as CSGO, but it is not worth it in Overwatch 2. Sure, you may trick your opponent once, and he will miss the shot, but since you are jumping in the air, you become an easy target. Needless to say, the top-tier Overwatch 2 players will take advantage of it and land a headshot.

Jumping might work in some instances, but it is only good against certain heroes and on certain maps. However, it is recommended to avoid this if possible because it is too risky.

Be calm and don’t worry about the shots you will miss

Overwatch 2 is a complex game that requires you to be aware of many things. However, when it comes down to aiming, it is easier to learn than other popular shooters. Some heroes require more skill than others, but most recoils are easy to learn, and you will be ready in no time.

Despite learning how some heroes work, players often fail to achieve their goals because they are afraid of missing their shots. This is especially true for heroes like Widowmaker, which is why most low-rated players hate having her on their team.

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Once you stop worrying about the shots that you can miss and focus on those that you can land, you will see a massive improvement. Stop trying to copy some of the best in the world and do silly trick shots that look cool. Instead, you should focus on what you’re good at and get the headshots that you know you can.

Some heroes will require you to predict your enemy’s movement

Overwatch 2 has all sorts of different heroes, and many of them are different. Besides the so-called “hit scanners”, such as Soldier and Cassidy, where you have to practice to become a better aimer, there are also heroes that require more. 

Hanzo, for example, excels when you learn how to predict your enemy’s movement. This is probably the best example because good Hanzo players will quickly learn your movement pattern and use it against you to land their deadly headshots. That’s one of the reasons why you have to be unpredictable when playing against these heroes.

Genji is another example that can dominate if he predicts where his shurikens will land. Regardless of what hero you play, you have to keep track of your enemies and predict where your projectile will land once you shoot. Unsurprisingly, this requires a lot of practice.

In addition to everything mentioned so far, you just have to play as much as possible. Overwatch 2 is still relatively new, meaning that you have enough time to get better and reach your desired rank. That said, we suggest picking one or a couple of heroes and mastering them before you start playing with everything.

Although being versatile is really important, you will need time to learn how to use specific heroes. Needless to say, it is better to be good at certain heroes than average with all of them.

Overwatch 2 Aim Guide 2023 – How To Get Better
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