Overwatch 2: Aaron Keller Confirms Junker Queen Nerfs

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Overwatch 2: Aaron Keller Confirms Junker Queen Nerfs

Junker Queen is one of the new characters to launch with Overwatch 2, but sources confirm she'll be nerfed before it's October release.

Unless there are any changes in the future, Blizzard's latest game, Overwatch 2 will be available in October, and it will be free to play.

Aside from the new graphics, maps, game modes, skins, battle passes and all sorts of other smaller things, Overwatch 2 will also allow us to play three new heroes. Even though we do not know anything about one of them, we've had the chance to try out the new tank and DPS.

Sojourn was fun to play, but Junker Queen was imposing. This hero did more damage than most DPS, and she was almost impossible to kill because of the lifesteal. It seems like players and OW 2’s staff thinks that the hero is way too strong because it will be nerfed.

The changes

After we had a brief taste of her skillset in the second Beta that ended in July, Aaron Keller, one of the people behind Overwatch 2, announced that there would be changes to the hero. According to his tweet, the team “have decided to bring the overall power of Junker Queen down”. 

We will have to wait until the changes are available because Aaron Keller said that the changes would roll out after Summer Showdown. The good news is that they will be available on October 4 when Overwatch 2 is supposed to be released. We don’t know what to expect, but we assume that Jagged Balde and Carnage will receive some changes.

Since this tank does not have any shields, she relies on doing damage to survive. However, nerfing the lifestealing capabilities will most likely be a bad idea because the hero won’t be able to survive as much.

Nerfs to take place after Summer Showdown

As Aaron Keller confirmed in his tweet, the nerfs will take place after the 2022 Summer Showdown tournament. As you probably know, the LAN event will take place in Toronto this October, and since the event is scheduled to take place in October 8-11, we expect the new changes to be live shortly after.

We'll keep an eye on Junker Queen and Overwatch 2 and keep you abreast of all the new changes. You'll find all the latest news, tips and even guides if you want to find the best Overwatch betting sites. 

Overwatch 2: Aaron Keller Confirms Junker Queen Nerfs
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