Overwatch 2: 4 Heroes to Keep an Eye on in Season 5

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Overwatch 2: 4 Heroes to Keep an Eye on in Season 5

Overwatch 2 Season 5 is close, so let’s learn more about the heroes you should focus on.

With just a few days away from the end of Season 4, which means that all eyes are on Overwatch 2 Season 5. In fact, we have already highlighted some of the hero changes you need to be aware of, so make sure to learn more information about them.

While talking about the Overwatch 2 Season 5 heroes, we know that some of them will receive several substantial nerfs. Widowmaker, for example, will have her damage reduced when she’s too far away, limiting her one-shot capabilities. Even though this change is controversial because many people think this nerf will make her feel less useful, Blizzard thinks that this will balance her.

We are yet to see all heroes that will receive a nerf or a buff in Season 5. However, there are a couple of interesting names that we expect to see a lot more often, so let’s learn more about them.



Even though we’re not quite sure what will happen with Ashe, the fact that Widowmaker and Hanzo are nefs is good news for her. Often referred to as the third sniper in Overwatch 2, Ashe is a hero that can deal insane amounts of damage. Her ultimate B.O.B received several small buffs in the last couple of updates. Consequently, she’s a hero that can definitely fill in the gap left by the other two.

To be honest, Ashe was fairly popular in Season 4 as well. However, she wasn’t the go-to option for most poke starts because people chose Widow or Hanzo. In fact, Overbuff shows that her win rate is just below 50%, which is still a lot better than most other DPS heroes.

Considering that Ashe hasn’t been a top-tier meta pick, this could change in Season 5 of Overwatch 2. We won’t be surprised if Valve decides to add small buffs to the hero and make it as strong as possible.


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Another hero to keep an eye on in Season 5 of Overwatch 2 is Mei. According to our information, Blizzard plans to re-work her slow so that it slows down a target for around 1.5 seconds. This may seem strange, but people who’ve played the original Overwatch will probably remember that this is what the ability was like around one year ago.

Other than that, Mei will remain one of the stable picks in the meta. Her ability to shine in Brawl setups makes her incredibly popular. She’s also one of the few heroes that can easily use her utility to win team fights, something that not many other heroes offer. 

Aside from everything mentioned, Mei’s ability should also be able to block certain movement abilities from enemy heroes. This will make her incredibly effective against the likes of Tracer because the latter won’t be able to move around the map when she’s close to Mei.


The following hero to keep an eye on in Season 5 of Overwatch 2 is Zarya. This will definitely surprise a lot of you because Zarya is not a name we see often, especially in Season 4. In fact, she’s one of the weakest tanks in the game because some sources say that her win rate is around 46%.

Due to these reasons, we believe that Zarya will be one of the heroes that will receive substantial buffs, and she’ll be back in the meta. Right now, most tanks are relatively good (aside from Roadhog, who’s just not doing anything after the one-shot nerf). The only exception is Junker Queen, which is a lot better than the rest, but as we’ve learned, Overwatch 2 Season 5 will nerf some of her abilities. 

Usually, Zarya is a pretty good option in a brawl meta, which is something that we expect to see more of. With the nerfs to Widow and Hanzo, Poke won’t be as good as before, which means that Dive and Brawl should dominate the meta. Of course, we’re yet to see what will happen.



Right now, Zenyatta is one of the best overall supports in Overwatch 2 Season 4, and it has the results to back it up. The win rate reveals that Zen has around 52.50%, making it the second-strongest support in the game. Usually, this should mean that the hero will receive nerfs, but we think this won’t be the case.

Zenyatta is among the few Support heroes in Overwatch 2 that do not have any movement or escape ability. Instead, the hero deals a lot more damage up close, which is why he’s pretty good in a brawl meta.

One of the most important things about this meta is the enemy’s tank, which is why Zenyatta is among the best option you can get. This hero’s orb allows his team to kill the enemy tank much faster. Doing this will give his team a huge advantage, and it should be enough to win.

Which heroes should you avoid?

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When discussing the heroes to keep an eye on in Season 5, we also have to point out a couple of names you should probably avoid. Of course, we have to include Widowmaker and Hanzo here because these two will get a lot of nerfs. With that said, Blizzard will probably have to think of something new that would allow these heroes to be more effective than before.

Junker Queen is another Overwatch 2 hero that you should probably pick only in certain situations. Everyone knows that she became the best hero in the game after the mid-season 4 updates, but now, we expect to see a lot of nerfs. 


Make sure to follow us for more information about Overwatch 2 Season 5 because the new update is about to drop out in just a couple of days. We’ll make sure to provide you with everything new, as well as different guides that will help you maximize your winnings.

Overwatch 2: 4 Heroes to Keep an Eye on in Season 5
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