Overwatch 2: Interesting Ability Combos You Should Test

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Overwatch 2: Interesting Ability Combos You Should Test

Looking for some cool agility combos to test when Overwatch 2 drops? Check out these tips!

Overwatch 2 is Blizzard’s newest game and one of the most anticipated titles in years. The first version of Overwatch became the leader in its genre, but the game hasn’t been that popular in the last couple of years. As a result, it was time for a change.

Following the many announcements, we know that the game will be free to play and will be available in October 2022. During the open and closed beta, we had the chance to try out the two new heroes, as well as the new abilities of some of the existing names. With that being said, there is one more hero we need to check out, but it will become available once the game is accessible to everyone.

As you can expect, Overwatch 2 has a lot of changes, especially to some of our favorite heroes. What’s more, teams now consist of five heroes instead of six, which drastically impacts some lineups. Fortunately, the new changes allowed us to test loads of interesting ability combos, so let’s learn more about some of them.

Zarya and Junker Queen’s ultimates

One of the first “wombo combo” we’d like to share includes two tanks. Although we are not sure whether the new Overwatch 2 lineups will include two tanks, Junker Queen and Zarya are actually one of the best combos out there. Aside from the ultimates, which we will share in the subsequent paragraph, Zarya’s bubbles allow JQ to be way more aggressive than usual.

When it comes down to these two ultimates, we can safely say that they work exceptionally well together. Zarya’s ability allows her to group the enemy heroes next to each other. This means that JQ can use her ability to hit every target trapped in the Graviton Surge. Even though this ult is not known for its high damage, it will allow the hero to get tons of lifesteal, which should make her almost impossible to kill.

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Unsurprisingly, you can combine Zarya with loads of other heroes, such as Hanzo, Genji, Sojourn, and so on.,

Orisa and Mei

This is one of the more interesting combos in Overwatch 2 that was not really a thing in the game’s first version. To be honest, Mei was not the most popular hero in the game because she did not do as much damage as other DPS. What’s more, she is hard to master, which means that players often make a lot of mistakes.

Even though she is not easier to play in Overwatch 2, she deals twice as much damage as before. This makes her a deadly opponent and much more popular, especially against some lineups. Speaking of the devil, there is a cool combo with Orisa that is not hard to pull off, as long as you communicate. 

As you know, Orisa is an entirely different hero in Overwatch 2 and focuses more on doing damage. One of the abilities allows Orisa to throw a javelin, which will deal damage to the first enemy unit it connects to and push it back. That said, if the javelin and the enemy hero hit a wall, the target will receive additional damage and be disabled.

This is where Mei and her Ice Wall come to play because she can use this ability when Orisa wants to throw her spear. Doing this will allow the latter to do more damage and disable the target. Needless to say, Mei can also use this to land a headshot with her gun and secure a kill.

Orisa and Symmetra

This is the most impressive and satisfying combo in Overwatch 2 right now, as long as you pull it off. As mentioned, Orisa is a completely new hero and focuses a lot on doing damage. The hero’s new ultimate is called Terra Surge and allows Orisa to deal up to 500 damage on a full charge. Needless to say, charging this ability takes time, so enemy heroes can simply run away and dodge it.

Fortunately, Symmetra’s Teleporter is here to save the day because it allows Orisa to teleport and use the ultimate on everyone who stays near it. For the combo the work, Orisa needs to start channeling the ult, and Symmetra has to create a Teleporter on top of the tank so that the latter can use it while casting. 

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If the two heroes time everything right, Orisa will make the so-called “Terra Bomb” and kill pretty much everyone near the Teleporter. The bad news is that this combo is not that easy to pull off, even if you are communicating with your allies. Symmetra needs to perfectly time the ult because her opponents could destroy it before Orisa gets the chance to use it.

Sombra and Ana

This combo may surprise some people, especially if they’ve played Overwatch before. Sombra is a DPS that has never been as popular as other heroes, such as Tracer. She has low HP and doesn’t do as much damage.

However, Overwatch 2 brought many changes to the hero, one of which is to her ultimate. Besides hacking everything, EMP now deals 40% damage to all targets’ current HP. This makes her way more dangerous because she can weaken the entire enemy team.

Since the new ult deals a lot of damage, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Ana’s ultimate can be a pretty good option besides it. Although there could be some nerfs in the future, Sombra and Ana can be a deadly combo that is super easy to use because Ana has to use her ult before Sombra’s.

Final Thoughts

Overwatch 2 isn’t available to everyone yet, so we expect to see more combos once the game becomes available worldwide. It will be interesting to see if Blizzard will make OW 2 a competitive eSport once again. Although Overwatch has its share of tournaments, the game is not as big as other games, such as Valorant.

Expect loads of additional information about the game and the combos.

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Overwatch 2: Interesting Ability Combos You Should Test
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