OG Signs With Global Talent Agency Rumble Gaming

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OG Signs With Global Talent Agency Rumble Gaming

OG and Rumble Gaming partner up to take the esports org to the next level.

In a bid to continue their growth in the NA market, European esports organization, OG, have signed with talent agency, Rumble Gaming.

Billed as full-service esports and gaming company, Rumble Gaming offer a wide range of services specifically targeted at the esports sector. Including everything from talent management to legal services and the facilitation of partnership opportunities.

OG set their sights outside EU

It’s a shrewd move for OG to reach new markets. They're already a well-known esports success story within the Dota 2 community thanks to their two-time TI-winning roster. However the org also dipped their toes into the CS:GO circuit, signing an all-star squad back in December last year. Even without rosters in a large array of competitive titles, it’s difficult to deny their success.

And according to Rumble, they’re excited to help grow that success to the next level.

“OG is one of the most accomplished competitive esports organizations in the history of gaming”. Said Evan Kubes, President of Rumble Gaming. Before going on to describe them as a premium brand with global appeal.

OG are also sounding confident about what teaming up with Rumble will do for them.

“I am thrilled to be working with Rumble Gaming and to have them in our corner helping us grow”. Said J.M.R. Luna, CEO of OG.

Xavier Oswald, the orgs Chief Revenue Officer and Co-Owner said the partnership was milestone for OG's development in NA. “We have a lot of fans in the US and Rumble Gaming is the perfect partner to engage brands with our unique DNA and performance-driven approach”.

Rumble Gaming already work with established NA esports orgs with a focus on the FPS genre, including Chaos Esports Club and Royal Ravens. Chaos Esports Club dropped their MOBA rosters to focus on CS:GO and Rainbow Six: Siege. While the London Royal Ravens squad have been making some real gains in the Call of Duty League this season.

With the OG recently deciding to drop their second Dota 2 roster, OG.Seed, it will be interesting to see what new endeavours the partnership with Rumble will spark.

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