Nvidia RTX Remix Will Let You Remaster Your Own Games

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Nvidia RTX Remix Will Let You Remaster Your Own Games

From additional ray tracing to AI-enhanced assets, modders are getting a whole new set of tools from Nvidia's latest offering: the RTX Remix.

The modding community has existed for as long as the videogames they've worked on. The technology that has enabled the players to take a product and completely transform it has led to some of the biggest innovations in the industry. Mods also sustain many a game's shelf life years after their last-released DLC. And with the current trend of game remakes and major graphical overhauls, Nvidia's plans to put more power into the hands of the player.

Years of development has led to small steps in the tech industry. However, Nvidia's upcoming RTX Remix is going to be a giant leap in the way we remaster classic games. Here's everything we know about the Nvidia RTX Remix.

What Is the Nvidia RTX Remix?

The Nvidia RTX Remix application is a modding platform that utilizes modern Nvidia tools, ray tracing and powerful AI texture tools to let you graphically remaster old games from the ground up. The new tool is built on NVIDIA Omniverse, a code-light computing platform that streamlines OpenUSD-based 3D processes.

Simply put, the RTX Remix application will use current-gen processing power and smart AI tools to not only make compatible games smoother, but also process each and every asset in the game using a unified 3D engine to give it a major facelift.

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And the best part is that it's going to be totally free.

Nvidia RTX Remix
Credit: Nvidia Corporation

Over the years we've seen a huge explosion in AI tech. As a result, big companies like the Nvidia Corporation have worked to expand, innovate and harness its generative power to produce even better services. Eventually it got to a point where the U.S. government even restricted the sale of the company's flagship processors to some of its oversea competitors.

The good news is that modders won't have to wait very long to try RTX Remix this year. Starting January 22, 2024, the open beta for Nvidia's remaster tool program will officially begin.

How Does RTX Remix Work?

Nvidia RTX Remix provides the tools needed to bypass hard-to-access game files, arduous programming workflows and time-consuming asset creations that are usually encountered in the modding process.

There are two parts to Remix: a creator program that remasters assets and a runtime that captures original game assets and inserts remastered assets back into the game.

In a nutshell, textures, geometries and lights are captured by RTX Remix when it intercepts the rendering process of a compatible game. This snapshot is converted to a Universal Scene Description (or USD) file which is imported into Remix. From there, AI tools upscale texture resolutions up to 4x, lights are given new ambient properties and individual assets can be modified with universal 3D programs in sync!

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The RTX Remix Runtime sidebar even lets you change material properties, fog and light bounces on the fly!

Nvidia revealed these exciting advancements and more in their Consumer Electrics Show 2024 conference this week, giving the world more insight into their future products, including a new line of enthusiast-grade “Super” GPUs.

What Games Are Compatible With RTX Remix?

Nvidia's graphic overhaul system works with games that were built with DirectX 8 & DirectX 9 APIs, including but not limited to:

  • Call of Duty 2
  • Hitman 2: Silent Assassin
  • Garry's Mod
  • Freedom Fighters
  • Need for Speed Underground 2
  • Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines

When Does RTX Remix Beta Start?

Gamers and modding enthusiasts alike will be able to test out Nvidia's strongest graphics tool starting January 22.

At the time of writing, well-known modding groups are already hard at work remastering their own creations using the app, with games like a Portal prequel remaster and Half-Life 2 already getting a new coat of RTX.

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Nvidia RTX Remix Will Let You Remaster Your Own Games
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