Not Enough Customers Cities Skylines 2? We Help

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Not Enough Customers Cities Skylines 2? We Help

Not Enough Customers Cities Skylines 2? We'll explain everything you need to know.

Cities Skylines 2 is out in the wild now and as new players get into city building and the neverending spiral of misery that is catering to your citizen's every desire. But this time we'll talk about those thriving businesses of yours or rather why they fail and how you can fix it.

Not Enough Customers Cities Skylines 2

Not Enough Customers Explained

So why aren't shops not getting enough customers? There could be a myriad of reasons for that. Usually, it's because there are too many shops around, not enough population density in the area, the shops not being easily accessible or there are too many shops of the same type in the area.

How to Fix Not Enough Customers

There are many ways to fix not enough customers in Cities Skylines 2. But the first thing you should always look out for is that there is a nice variety of different stores in your commercial district. For this make sure to lay out your roads at an angle on occasion so you won't build the same kind of store four times in a row.

Next, you need to make sure that your commercial district is easily accessible from all directions building a few blocks at the end of a long road won't cut it. And last you should always place your commercial district in the middle of a low-density housing zone. To check accessibility watch out for the green color of the roads when assigning commercial districts.

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But be careful, doing so can raise the property value for all the housing around you. So make sure to spread out your commercial districts as your city grows. You can always switch things around later.

Lastly, make sure your commercial districts aren't too big to avoid businesses cannibalizing each other. Two or three blocks of commercial districts are usually enough and you can always scale down after.

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Not Enough Customers Cities Skylines 2? We Help
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