High Rent Cities Skylines 2 Explained

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High Rent Cities Skylines 2 Explained

High Rent Cities Skylines 2 and how to deal with it.

Despite performance vows and a cut down in content compared to its predecessor, Cities Skylines 2 does scratch the itch of being a competent and well-thought-out city-building sim. And here is everything you need to know about High Rent in Cities Skylines 2, what causes it, and how you address it.

About High Rent Cities Skylines 2

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What causes High Rent?

Just like in real life, once property becomes too valuable its owner will raise the rent to squeeze out every bit of profit out of it. In Cities Skylines 2, High Rent is a mechanic that forces you to diversify the way you build your town instead of organizing it into neat sections that house its citizens, its factories, and its commercial district.

The Cost of Rent is tied to property value which will rise and fall depending on services close by, the neighborhood, and if there are any businesses in the area. This is why you can't just create gigantic business/commercial centers unless you want the property cost to skyrocket.

Wealthier people in your city will naturally gravitate towards higher-rent areas. But if you suddenly decide to build a lot of services in a poorer area you run the risk of bankrupting your citizens.

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How to Fix High Rent

First and foremost, make sure to build your infrastructure in a way that services are well spread out from each other. Having two power stations close to each other will inevitably raise the rent in the area which is bad for anyone renting next to it.

You can also combat high rent by offering work for your citizens as well as opportunities for education. This will generally raise the wealth of the people living in the city so they can afford to live next to that shipping center you just plopped down.

Last but not least, build buildings of varying sizes. If you're a fan of those who need square city layouts, most buildings in your city will have the same size. Building streets at angles and curves will make it easier for you to lay out smaller buildings. Having a diverse selection of buildings at different sizes will do a lot to keep property value down.

And that is everything you need to know about High Rent in Cities Skylines 2. For more on the citybuilder check out our guide on How to turn a Profit and our Performance Guide for PC players.

High Rent Cities Skylines 2 Explained
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