Noclip Unearths 10 Years Worth of Lost Video Game History

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Noclip Unearths 10 Years Worth of Lost Video Game History

Noclip just blessed us industry aficionados with a treasure trove of lost media. Here is everything you need to know!

If you're a little deeper into video games you've probably heard of Noclip. Industry veteran reporter Danny O'Dwyer and his team's amazing crowdfunded project aims to bring developers and gamers closer.

Now after amazing documentaries like their developer interview on the Fall and Rise of Final Fantasy XIV, and the Resurrection of Doom in 2016, Danny and his team have set their sights on a new project.

Noclip Just Released Old Trailers in Never Seen Before Quality

They've just unearthed thousands of raw tapes containing forgotten material of the early age gaming coverage. With some press releases and recordings being over 20 years old. Some of them have tragically been lost to time, and others have only been available in crunchy resolutions and poor audio quality.

Iconic clips like Nintendo's infamous Space World 2000 Gamecube Tech Demo which until now had only existed in an almost unrecognizable state. And there are even some old press clips of games that have never been released or titles that drastically changed throughout their development.

Some other video material has been scrubbed from the net, such as an interview with Hideo Kojima about the US Reveal Trailer of Metal Gear Solid 4 from the mid-2000s. Others are hidden gems such as the closed-doors E3 demo of Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic.

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This is huge for many reasons lots of the sites which used to host this content are either not around anymore or have long since switched to a more modern format, and deleted those old compressed video files of days past.

For some of us self-fashioned video game historians, this is an unbelievable treasure trove. While you can still find some articles online dating back, nothing beats being able to watch something like the Mircosoft 2009 Press Conference in 1080p with crips audio.

The team at Noclip not only made everything they've scanned so far available on their separate YouTube channel, but they've also vouched to upload everything onto the Internet Archive should YouTube ever decide to pull the plug.

Please Help

The work that Danny and his team at Noclip have been doing since the project's inception has been invaluable. If you haven't watched any of their documentaries we highly encourage you to do so.

But if you have any love of the medium of games, we hope that you support this project in one way or another. By simply sharing it with others or checking out Noclip's Patreon. While we don't know what they have in that endless collection of old videotapes, it might contain something invaluable lost to history.

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Noclip Unearths 10 Years Worth of Lost Video Game History
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