No Rest For the Wicked Max Level Cap Guide

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No Rest For the Wicked Max Level Cap Guide

What is the No Rest For the Wicked Max Level and how can you reach it? Let’s find out 

No Rest For the Wicked Early Access offers a laidback version of the entire game, but it already has gamers hooked. Unsurprisingly, many players are eagerly waiting to conquer everything the game has to offer. Once the developers press the final launch button, tons of new content will go live, including new dungeons and zones. But, how far can you go right now? Officially, the creators of the game did not provide a lot of information as they encourage players to explore and make discoveries. After clocking in hours of gametime, we now finally know about the No Rest for the Wicked max level. 

No Rest For the Wicked Max Level: How Many Levels Are There?

No Rest For the Wicked Max Level Cap Guide

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Currently, No Rest for the Wicked max level cap sits at 30. That means, you can gain experience and attribute points until you reach level 30. Once you hit the cap, the XP bar disappears, but your journey doesn't end there. Upgrading your weapons and armor becomes even more crucial to conquer tougher challenges.

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Keep an eye out for certain equipment marked with a warning. While these items might offer unique benefits, they can also drain your hard-earned experience.

Will The No Rest For the Wicked Max Level Increase in the Future?

Most players can finish the early access main story around level 15-17. Interestingly, the endgame Crucible dungeon drops level 21 items, hinting at a potential future level increase. The developer's roadmap confirms this suspicion. New areas and zones are planned for the second major update, which could very well raise the level cap. So, while level 30 is the current limit, prepare to push your characters even further in the future!

No Rest For the Wicked: What Changes Are Coming Next?

While the No Rest for the Wicked max level cap is now only 30, the focus for the first major update seems to be on building a strong foundation for social play. Co-op and PvP are slated to arrive first, offering exciting ways to team up or test your skills against others.

This prioritization makes sense considering the game's design. The lack of stat resets and weapon-specific attributes encourages character variety. Plus, the ability to store items and experience potions for future characters streamlines the process of experimenting with different builds. So, for now, the thrill seems to lie in mastering different playstyles with friends or rivals, rather than pushing a single character to the max level.

No Rest For the Wicked Max Level Cap Guide
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