Scott Abrams | StarCraft Expert

Scott Abrams | StarCraft Expert

Scott is a Master-league StarCraft 2 player who has been playing since 2013. He is active in the StarCraft community and is frequently spectated in the arcade. When he is not getting stomped on the ladder, he enjoys reading, writing, and photography. You can learn more about Scott on our About page.


No Gamer Left Behind – AbleGamer’s Charity Tournament

AbleGamers Charity - No Gamer Left Behind

Playing StarCraft II is never easy and it’s about to get even harder this Saturday.  No Gamer Left Behind is supporting a star-studded AbleGamers StarCraft II tournament. No Gamer Left Behind is a charity tournament starring a line-up of popular streamers who will be playing with a handicap to help raise awareness and support for gamers with disabilities.

The tournament begins this Saturday on December 8th starting at 2:00 pm EST/11:00 am PDT. You can watch the stream hosted by DAW Station by clicking the link here.

Streamers Include

Neuro – Near Sighted (Zoomed in)

Florencio – Amnesia (No Hotkeys)

PiG – Playing with One Hand

Glazerbeam – Hunt and Peck (Index Fingers only)

Aoret – Delirium (No Army Hotkeys)

Livibee – Near Sighted (Zoomed in)

Kestnuts – The Fog of War is real!? (Covering Map)

Gosu_PvP – It’s Cold Outside (wearing Mittens)

Please be sure to tune in and support the AbleGamers Foundation by donating here.

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