No Gamer Left Behind – AbleGamer’s Charity Tournament

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No Gamer Left Behind – AbleGamer’s Charity Tournament

Playing StarCraft II is never easy and it's about to get even harder this Saturday.  No Gamer Left Behind is supporting a star-studded AbleGamers StarCraft II tournament. No Gamer Left Behind is a charity tournament starring a line-up of popular streamers who will be playing with a handicap to help raise awareness and support for gamers with disabilities.

The tournament begins this Saturday on December 8th starting at 2:00 pm EST/11:00 am PDT. You can watch the stream hosted by DAW Station by clicking the link here.

Streamers Include

Neuro – Near Sighted (Zoomed in)

Florencio – Amnesia (No Hotkeys)

PiG – Playing with One Hand

Glazerbeam – Hunt and Peck (Index Fingers only)

Aoret – Delirium (No Army Hotkeys)

Livibee – Near Sighted (Zoomed in)

Kestnuts – The Fog of War is real!? (Covering Map)

Gosu_PvP – It’s Cold Outside (wearing Mittens)

Please be sure to tune in and support the AbleGamers Foundation by donating here.