Nintendo Teases New Track for Next Mario Kart Tour

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Nintendo Teases New Track for Next Mario Kart Tour

Squeaky Clean Sprint arrives to the mobile port next tour.

Following their recent DLC announcements for Mario Cart 8 Deluxe, Nintendo released the first images of the next racing course coming to their mobile racer ‘Mario Kart Tour'. The game's official Twitter account posted the first look at the new mario kart tour map which sports the same bathroom-themed course, showcasing a shrunken-down track running through a pastel-colored showerland.

As said in the post, the next tour's theme will focus on the “refreshing” course, giving fans lots to look forward to on the next two-week main event.

Tours in Mario Kart Tours last for about 14 days, and change up the racecourse roster after every run. These sometimes introduce new mario kart tour maps and often coincide/follow major game updates for Nintendo's bigger counterparts like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, which just announced Squeaky Clean Sprint.

Design elements on Squeaky Clean Sprint include everyday bathroom essentials like piles of Mushroom soap and Piranha plant toothpaste. Among the ginormous mugs that flank the finish line, you'll also see some strange new additions like a wedding ring stuck inside of a drain, or an out-of-place stapler. Expect tons to fun once the new Mario kart tour map ‘Squeaky Clean Sprint' hits mobile devices sometime around August 9.

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new mario kart tour map squeaky clean sprint credit: nintendo

Mario Kart Tour's new racetrack seems to start players off on top of the sink before curving around and into the bathtub which takes you into the piping system that loops back around to the start of the new mario kart tour map mini-course.

The downscaled version of Squeaky Clean Sprint is set to be a fun reflection of the Deluxe map, which received its ‘Wave 5' DLC in July. On the same month, the game's Sunshine Tour also debuted, bringing back classic maps like GBA Lakeside Park and Koopa Troopa Beach.

No new details about the planned mobile update's have been told as of yet, but expect more news about the new mario kart tour map after the Sunshine Tour wraps up on August 8.

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Nintendo Teases New Track for Next Mario Kart Tour
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