Nightingale Patch 0.1.3 Major PC Fixes: Death Penalties, Fixed Monster Spawns & More

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Nightingale Patch 0.1.3 Major PC Fixes: Death Penalties, Fixed Monster Spawns & More

Nightingale Patch 0.1.3 is here, and it's reintroducing familiar craftables while fixing some bugged-out quests in the game.

Nightingale's 0.1.3 patch takes aim at quest blockers and proper crop growth, while adding new and improved recipes on the crafting tables.

Nightingale's uniquely fantastical survival crafter enticed genre fans since its early 2024 release. That said, the game did not come without its problems. And these have prompted regular game updates that have slowly fixed Nightingale's most glaring flaws.

It's been a little over two weeks since the last major PC fix, and now we're getting more adjustments to the game as the Victorian co-op crafter gears up for its third major update.

Most of these changes were promised in the last developer roadmap video, which promised more meaningful changes across a sustainable time period. With previous bugs like disappearing player bases resolved, improved crafting and progression improvements now take center stage. Here's everything you need to know about Nightingale Patch 0.1.3!

Nightingale Patch 0.1.3

Here are all of the new game updates coming to Patch 0.1.3!

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  • Fixed: Completing Nellie Bly’s Elder Eoten quest no longer blocks Ludivine Saint-Clair's quests.
  • Fixed: Bound Puppeteers should no longer cause disconnects around Gloom Sites of Power.
  • Fixed: Players should no longer see quests that cannot be completed due to finishing a conflicting quest branch (example: the pacifist route option will not show if the aggressive route is completed for that quest instance)
  • Improved: Unintentional glow effect on Qwartz removed.
  • Improved: Better god rays; Sun no longer bleeds through clouds around foliage.
  • Improved: Fixed Forge, Quarry and Alchemist Minor Cards resource yield increases as per card descriptions.
  • Improved: Carrots and Delphinium now grow properly after planting them.
  • Improved: Mini-Vaults from inactive portals can now be opened.
  • Improved: Third-person ranged attacks are now more accurate based on player aim.
  • New: Selected/highlighted recipes now displays the item’s base stats.
  • New: Driftwood and Deadfall now share the same harvest symbol when harvesting.

Nightingale Patch 0.1.3


  • Unintentional monster spawns beneath rocks in the Desert Realms were patched out.
  • Death chests have been removed.
  • New dying penalty will result in loss of armor durability, item buffs, and time. A death icon will still mark where the player died in case they wish to revisit the location and can be removed from the Realm map.

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