Nightingale Roadmap Update Fixes Disconnection Issues, Targets Exploits

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Nightingale Roadmap Update Fixes Disconnection Issues, Targets Exploits

Summarizing the latest Nightingale roadmap update that dove into past fixes and future quality-of-life changes.

Nightingale's fantastical survival crafter has enticed genre fans since its early 2024 release. That said, the game did not come without its problems, and the developers — who have continuously addressed major issues — uploaded a big dev update to set expectations on future patches.

Here's how the folks at Inflexion Games are setting the course for Nightingale's roadmap!

Nightingale Roadmap Update

Maintaining a game is hard work, and dedicated live service on open-world PvE survival crafters is infinitely harder. Here's how Nightingale's creators are preparing for the odyssey.

Offline Mode Update

One of the biggest demands that players voiced out was the addition of an Offline Mode for Nightingale, and the devs were quick to pick up on it.

The devs have confirmed a future option to play without internet. However, the latest developer update video shared their biggest obstacle in their goal, which was reconciling the load that servers and PCs shared when running Nightingale's open-world.

Prioritizing Network Disconnection Issues

A new hotfix went live at the same time as the Developer Update video, and at the forefront was one of the major issues that has plagued players since Nightingale went live: Intermittent Network Disconnections.

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Nightingale CEO Aaryn Flynn remarked on past issues, and promised that the live patch would solve the cause of the network disconnections.

Similar improvements within the hotfix included ‘hobbledehoy’ and ‘dratted’ Travel Errors being decreased, so hopefully, we'll be seeing a lot less player drops in the coming weeks.

Graphics Crashes

Since the game's release, the Nightingale team has eliminated 85% of graphics-related crashes out of the game.

Community Coordinator Maribel Diaz came on the show to let players know that they were actively looking into the other 15% of unsolved crashes, all to make Nightingale a more seamless experience.

Nightingale Roadmap Update

Devs Will Remove Gear Exploits

The fun had to end sometime.

Community Manager Steph Herdman detailed the natural reasons why in-game exploits had to be removed, saying that they “[were] causing major issues for others in public Vaults.”

Weapons and Gear Exploits were the only ones mentioned in the developer update video.

Expect Slower Updates

A considerable amount of work and time goes into every update. This was explained by Diaz, who summarized Inflexion's investigation process on reported bugs.

The developers want the game to be the best that it can be, and kicking players out every other day for a Realm update isn't the best way to go about that. So expect slower (but more substantial) patches in the future.

Future Roadmap Updates

Exciting future additions to Nightingale's gameplay were mentioned in the developer sitdown. Here are some of the upcoming features bound for Nightingale:

  • Removing additional exploits
  • Network disconnect fixes
  • Storage quick-sort feature
  • Craft from storage
  • Crafting queues
  • Purchasing items from the guidebook after meeting essence traders
  • Improved creature AI
  • Additional weapon types
  • Additional NPC features
  • Updated structure limits
  • Climbing improvements
  • Progression improvements
  • Offline mode
  • New Places of Interest
  • New Biomes
  • New Creatures
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