Nightingale Patch 0.1.1 Major PC Fixes

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Nightingale Patch 0.1.1 Major PC Fixes

Nightingale Patch 0.1.1 is here and it comes with a lot of bug fixes and key adjustments to the Victorian-style survival crafter.

It's been a couple of weeks since Nightingale's last hotfix in the Early Access. While the previous patch removed unneeded error screens and quality-of-life, this update focused on balance changes, new features, bug fixes and much more. You're finally able to select your server's region now, and past keybind problems were patched out.

Here's everything included in the latest Nightingale patch notes!

Nightingale Patch
Credit: Inflexion Games

Nightingale Patch 0.1.1


  • Fixed: Added missing build complete sounds for various structures such as Stone Carving Block, Enchantment Station, Potion Station, Crystal Ball, Plant Box, Stick Tent, Simple Wooden Table.
  • Fixed: Fae Starmap music should no longer cut in and out in The Watch
  • Fixed: Fueled structures now properly dispense items.
  • Fixed: Glitchy sound effects when destroying bustable objects.
  • Fixed: NPCs won’t attack passive creatures in Offering Quests.
  • Fixed: Removed Encounter Vendors
  • Fixed: Critter Eoten’s now drop wood after death rather than meat and bones.
  • Fixed: Keybinds inconsistencies.
  • Fixed: Mining and chopping trees crash.
  • Fixed: Player Byway Realms bugs in the tutorial section.
  • Fixed: Simple Plant Pots grow seeds as expected.
  • Fixed: Sound effect for eating berries.
  • Fixed: Tab + I crash.
  • Fixed: Warping on nighttime starfield
  • Fixed: Water Bottle Essence exploit removed.
  • Fixed: Inventory rebind should now respect your non-TAB key.
  • Fixed: Keybind changes should no longer break after player death.
  • Improved: Added certifications that should prevent anti-virus programs such as AVG from blocking Nightingale from launching
  • Improved: Hunt Site of Power no longer spawns random Automaton combinations and is now fixed to one Bishop and one Knight.
  • Improved: Cleansing Minor Card should now remove visual Minor Card effects.
  • Improved: Creatures should no longer vanish during Vault encounters
  • Improved: Fixed missing water mesh in Desert Herbarium small oasis POI and Astrolabe Swamp.
  • Improved: Forest and Desert Bunker POI no longer has  see-through gaps
  • Improved: UI/UX problems regarding return buttons, structure lowering and new guidebook categories.
  • Improved: Interaction boxes, Glow Spore harvesting and crafting requirements.
  • Improved: Hoover VFX should no longer lock when player is in motion.
  • Improved: Increasing gear score should no longer produce player pain sounds.
  • Improved: Leaving the Realm should no longer block the quest ‘Keep the Beast at Bay’ from Shiv Pierson
  • Improved: Network Errors or progression resets should no longer happen.
  • Improved: Pagoda foundation brick top and bottom pattern now align.
  • Improved: Removed Estate Cairne sound loop next to Aurelio
  • Improved: Sound effects now apply to spells with the Enchanted Repair Hammer
  • Improved: Added missing waves to some instances of Forest maps.
  • Improved: Recruited NPCs will not join you in Vaults accessed from The Watch, but can join you in private Vaults
  • Improved: Adjusted damage outputs for Fabled Creatures and Larger Creatures
  • Improved: Climbing Pick Magick VFX should now show in third person.
  • Improved: Disabled Nvidia DLSS frame generation due to causing some GPU crashes, players have the option to turn it back on if desired.
  • Improved: Controls QoL changes added for easier menu navigation.
  • Improved: Ghost Card fog effects should look more consistent for all performance settings.
  • Improved: Mystic Climbing Pick third person animation now uses the intended animation.
  • Improved: Removed sound artifact that sounded like knocking from the Refined Enchanter’s Focus.
  • Improved: Star Map Room music no longer gets stuck when taking staircases.
  • New: Server region selection.
  • New: Added loot shimmer when Pawns collect resources.
  • New: Crafting Stations now get Threatened status when in close proximity to hostile creatures
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  • Firearm costs decreased 1300>>>100.
  • Nerfed Hungry/Tired debuff.
  • Removed “Rocks to Ammo” exploit.
  • Essence Trader prices adjusted.
  • Added missing resources to Essence Trader stores
  • Balance changes for Shockwave Spell.
  • Balance changes for Magic.
  • Balance changes for Resource drops.
  • Lunar Nectar now available in shops.
  • Axepicks, Mining Picks, Mauls, and Climbing Picks reach increased.

Nightingale Patch 0.1.1 Known Issues

These are outstanding issues that were mentioned in today's patch notes. These bugs and QoL snags are currently being prioritized by the dev team, and will show up in future patches.

  • Economy changes for Reclaimed Ingots/Lumber

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