Nightingale Estate Cairns Explained – How Do They Work?

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Nightingale Estate Cairns Explained – How Do They Work?

This article covers everything you will need to know about Nightingale Estate Cairns and how they work, what they do, and their role in the game

Nightingale is a unique take on the survival genre as Inflexion Games has decided to add several innovative mechanics to how the Faewilds work. From realm-hopping to using an umbrella to glide around, the devs of Nightingale have done an amazing job of making their game feel different. They even put a creative touch on how fast travel works, an aspect most players often overlook. So, in this article, we will be discussing how the Nightingale Estate Cairns work and share some notable insights on the fast travel system. 

What Are Nightingale Estate Cairns?

Nightingale Estate Cairns Explained - How Do They Work?
Credit: Game Rant

Estate Cairns are structures that players can build to use for fast travel. They can be crafted with 20x Rocks and 5x Stone Blocks, so make sure you have the necessary resources before trying to make them. Luckily, building your first Estate Cairn is no hassle at all as the game’s tutorial section will teach you how to do so. 

Once you have built an Estate Cairn in an Abeyance Realm as instructed by Puck (the first NPC you will meet), you can then set it as your Respite Realm by pressing E when interacting with it. Doing so will allow you to fast travel from any other Realm to your Respite Realm when you need to come back to your base. Keep in mind that when you fast travel from a Realm to your Respite Realm, you may lose the Realm you traveled from as the game creates them using procedural generation. 

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How to Fast Travel in Nightingale?

Nightingale Estate Cairns Explained - How Do They Work?
Credit: Game Rant

To fast travel in Nightingale, you need to open your map by pressing M and then click on the “Travel to Respite” button. This will take you to your home realm where you set your Estate Cairn as Respite. 

Fast traveling is quite restricted in Nightingale as you are only able to travel back to the location where you set the Estate Cairn as Respite. Otherwise, you will have to rely on your legs! Hence, fast-traveling in Nightingale is a one-way street because once you come back to your base, you may not be able to return to where you were before. 

Can You Move Estate Cairns in Nightingale?

Nightingale Estate Cairns Explained - How Do They Work?
Credit: Item Level

Yes, you can move Estate Cairns in Nightingale. If you’ve placed an Estate Cairn and then decide that you no longer want your base in that location, you will get some time to relocate it. You will be able to do so as long as the structure of Estate Cairn is still transparent. Simply approach it and hold E to bring up the action wheel where you will see an option to Move. 

You can also Deconstruct it which will return the materials you were about to use and cancel the build action. This can be a handy feature to use if you change your mind about the location of your base. However, once you have completed the Estate Cairn, you won’t be able to move it later. 

Can You Set a New Estate Cairn as Your Respite?

Yes, you can set up a new Estate Cairn as your Respite. Let’s say you have moved into a new region and want to set up your next base of operations there. But now you may be wondering how can you teleport here instead of the previous location of your base. The answer is simple – build a new Estate Cairn and set it as Respite. Doing this will overwrite your last fast travel point and set it to the newly built one.

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Important Facts to Know About Estate Cairns

Here are a few key information you should remember when using Estate Cairns in Nightingale:

  • Estate Cairns can only be set as Respite in Abeyance Realms.
  • You can only have one active Respite Realm at a time.
  • You can still build an Estate Cairn in Realms that aren't an Abeyance, but you will not be able to set them as a Respite.
  • Before traveling to a friend’s realm in Nightingale, it is a good idea to set up an Estate Cairn as Respite at the location of your base. 
  • Setting an Estate Cairn down and marking it as Respite in a friend's realm will override your previous one, meaning you won’t have any way of going back to where you came from. 
  • If you have an Estate Cairn and die in-game, you will be respawned at its location. Otherwise, you will respawn at the nearest Faerie Ring.
  • You may not be able to come back to the original Abeyance Realm if you overwrite and set a new Respite Realm.

That wraps it up! This guide on what Estate Cairns are in Nightingale and how Respite works should clear up any confusion you may have about the game’s unique fast travel mechanics. So, go out there and explore the various realms Nightingale has to offer.

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Nightingale Estate Cairns Explained – How Do They Work?
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