Who Are the Developers of Nightingale?

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Who Are the Developers of Nightingale?

Nightingale was launched earlier this month. Despite the game's rising popularity, people know next to nothing about the developers of Nightingale

Nightingale was developed by the Canadian gaming studio Inflexion Games. They are a small group of developers with exciting goals to create something for everyone to enjoy. Nightingale is their first step into the realm of game development.

Why Do the Developers of Nightingale Make Games?

Inflexion Games have one purpose that drives them to make games. This purpose is to provide players with places. Their LinkedIn page further describes,

“People need places.

Somewhere we don’t have to be, but want to be. Where all are welcome.

Somewhere that adds joy and fun to our lives, and brings together old and new friends with stories to tell.

Somewhere that isn’t about where you’re escaping from. It’s about going where you belong.”

Inflexion Games wants to provide players with an escape from reality. They aim to do this by creating games that take players out of their stressful lives and into a world of magic. Nightingale is a prime example of this. The game provides a world with multiple realms to explore and make one’s own. A realm that players can make their own.

How Many People Work at Inflexion Games?

According to LinkedIn, Inflexion Games currently has 149 members working for them. They are also constantly looking for new developers to join their team. The studio is interested in hiring aspiring developers who want to make games with which their interests align.

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Inflexion Games’ Values

Inflexion Games has five core values that keep them grounded.

They put players first and foremost. They listen to criticism from their player base and strive to improve their game. Additionally, they always test their game ideas with their players first. They believe that working co-operatively with players is what makes them successful.

Inflexion Games believes in humility. They know they can make mistakes. When their mistakes are pointed out to them, they do whatever they can to improve upon them. They are always open to criticism and believe improving upon these criticisms is what makes for a stronger game and studio.

The game developers are also very ambitious. They hope to deliver as a world-class studio and make their name known. They try to bring passion, excellence and creativity in all that they do. They achieve this by starting off slow and picking up pace as they go on. They make sure not to set unrealistic standards that they cannot reach and approach situations mindfully.

The team also believes in fellowship. Their team strives to work together with one another. Everyone helps each other out however they can. They think they can achieve more together than individually. They hold each other accountable and make sure they put their game first.

Finally, they create a sense of belonging. They welcome and rejoice in their dissimilarities; they exchange, rely on, and endorse varied viewpoints with courteous and compassionate interaction, striving to construct shared comprehension and emotional security. They arrive at judgments that honor disparities.

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Inflexion Games is a promising studio and we here at ESTNN cannot wait to see what else they have in store for us.

Who Are the Developers of Nightingale?
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