Nightingale Cultivate Hope: How to Increase Hope

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Nightingale Cultivate Hope: How to Increase Hope

Realize your ambitions and access challenging quests with the best ways to increase your Hope in Nightingale cultivate hope.

Nightingale's survival crafter is out now in all its mythical glory. The indie title's dreamy open-world is full of intriguing fairytale references. But perhaps Nightingale's most conceptual aspect is its general progression mechanic: Hope.

Inflexion Games' shiny, Victorian-inspired survival RPG lets you build your own estate and undertake wild quests that all contribute to your Hope score. Here's everything you need to know to increase your Hope in Nightingale.

What Does Hope Do in Nightingale?

In Nightingale, hope is more than just an ideal. This 4-letter word actually serves as your “world level” in Nightingale. Simply put, higher Hope means more higher-tier areas you can explore, which lead to better quest rewards.

Here are the best ways to increase hope in Nightingale cultivate hope.

Nightingale: How to Increase Your Hope nightingale cultivate hope

Nightingale Cultivate Hope: How to Increase Your Hope

Three key factors determine your “Hope score” in Nightingale.

Improve Your Gear Score

As with any fantasy RPG title, you gain access to more dangerous parts of the game when you increase your equipment level. Nightingale's no different.

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Whenever you switch to/craft better armor or weaponry, your “Gear Score” goes up. Pay attention to what you put into your hotbar to maximize your rating. Gear Score is the most important factor to consider when increasing your Hope because it determines how capable you are in combat.

The concept of Hope also ties into what gives humans their powers in the lore. Victorian-era weapons and other melee arms are often infused with magic charms and enchantments, making Nightingale's combat system a (fey)wild ride.

Higher Estate Score

Building your own base is an essential part to any open-world survival game, and Nightingale does it in style — giving you plenty of space in your personal Estate Cairn. That said, the state of your abode also plays a part in increasing Hope.

“Estate Score” contributes to your Hope by looking at the state of your base and your work stations. Plenty of upgrades can produce different sets of crafting benches. So level up your work stations and expand your base further to increase your Hope in Nightingale.

Just got your start with crafting? Want to maximize your resources in the early-game? Check out our complete beginner's guide for crafting here.

Better Deed Score

Last but not least, we have the “Deed Score”, which increases the more quests you complete. The most straightforward of the bunch, all you need to do to improve your Deed Score is go around and complete quests.

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Clear quests that you get from Puck or the nearby residents to increase your Deed Score. Doing so will provide plenty of rewards and boost your Hope stat at the same time. Nightingale's Gaslamp fantasy regions are chock full of interesting quests and intriguing monsters to encounter. So finish any quest you may come across to increase your Hope Nightingale cultivate hope.

Hope Is Never Lost

And that's pretty much it. In Nightingale cultivate hope by increasing your Gear Score, your Estate Score and your Deed Score. Getting better equipment, improving your workbenches and completing quests all unlocks more in the game and lets you progress in Nightingale's fictional universe.

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