Nightingale Arachnophobia Mode: How to Turn It On

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Nightingale Arachnophobia Mode: How to Turn It On

`Nightingale features an arachnophobia mode for spider-haters and here's how to activate it in the game.

The hottest survival title on Steam, Nightingale, is currently on early access and has launched to please fans of the survival genre with its neo-victorian elements. The game involves exploring different realms, and magic, yes, a whole lot of magic.

To please fans who are afraid spiders, in real life and in games, Inflexion has added an arachnophobia mode that turns the current in-game spider models into goofy looking balloon heads with wings.

Nightingale Arachnophobia Mode: How to Turn It On

Nightingale Arachnophobia mode isn't too big of a deal for players to turn on, and it is pretty easy to find in the settings menu.

Here is how to turn on Nightingale Arachnophobia mode.

  • Head to the Settings Tab
  • Open Video settings
  • Toggle the Enable
  • Arachnophobia Mode Checkbox
  • Apply and Save your Changes
  • There you go, the arachnophobia mode should be enabled!

The mode transforms scarily huge spiders in the game into large balloon-like creatures with wings. So players with arachnophobia AKA fear of spiders would be able to easily combat them. On the other hand, the smaller sized spiders and the scorpions in the game are changed to models that resemble ants.

Other games like Lethal company, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, have also introduced this mode, making it a relatively common setting in gaming.

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Nightingale is a procedurally generated game, with the environment getting shaped based on the Realm Card you call upon. The “Realm cards intend to offer richer gameplay and storylines, and aim to distinguish this survival game from the rest, atleast that is what the team at Inflexion Games said.

Here is the official description from Inflexion Games regarding Nightingale
Arachnophobia mode:
Removes legs from all Spider and Scorpion creatures, them with wings. Creatures retain original audio.
VFX spiders and scorpions (non-interactable,
environmental only) are swapped with ant models.

Nightingale is currently available on early access as of February 20, on PC via Steam.
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