Newest League of Legends Champion Akshan Abilities Revealed

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Newest League of Legends Champion Akshan Abilities Revealed

Akshan swings onto the Rift with his charming ways.

Ruination is spreading in Runeterra and the Sentinels of Light are doing everything they can to stop the Black Mist. At the same time, other existing in-game champions like Pyke, Rengar and Vayne have already joined the noble cause of defeating Viego and his army of the dead. A new champion from Shurima has emerged to stun the spectators and rightfully help the Sentinels of Light.

As per the champion's lore, Akshan was a Shuriman boy who never stood injustice and helped everyone in need. However, one day he came across a very dangerous man, who was in a fit of rage. It was here that Akshan met very nearly met death. Shadya, a kind woman, saved him from misery and brought him back to life. After her demise, Akshan didn't consider the preachings from her to stop the Ruination. Rather, he went in the search of revenge.

Here is a detailed breakdown and impressions of the newest League of Legends champion, Akshan.

Akshan abilities breakdown

Passive: Dirty Fighting

Akshan loves to brawl for the innocents. After every three hits from his attacks and damaging abilities, he deals a burst of physical damage to his target. If the target is a champion, Akshan also gains a shield, which is good for shorter duels.

After attacking with his first shot, Akshan fires a second attack that deals reduced physical damage. If he cancels his second attack, he momentarily gains movement speed.

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Q – Avengerang

Akshan throws a boomerang to deal physical damage and reveal enemies. The weapon's range increases as it hits more enemies in a line, and when it returns to the player, it hits the enemies twice if they are in the line.

The ability is very similar to Sivir's Q, which travels in a single line and returns to the user. However, the unique aspect of extending the range as long as it hits an enemy would be very interesting to use in the choke points of the map.

W – Going Rogue

Well, Akshan can revive teammates, yep. Well done, Shadya.

Akshan has two parts to his W ability:

  • Passive: Akshan loves his allies. When an enemy kills the allies of Akshan, they are given the status of Scoundrels. If Akshan manages to get a takedown on the Scoundrel, he receives bonus gold, and all enemies killed by the Scoundrel are revived at the allied base immediately. The Scoundrel status is removed from all the enemies as well.
  • Active: Akshan becomes camouflaged for a brief duration. It's similar to Twitch's Q during the ability's activation. However, if he is near terrain, the terrain can indefinitely hide him. During this time, Akshan can see the trail of the Scoundrels and gains movement speed plus mana regeneration while following the footsteps of the convicted enemies.

E – Heroic Swing

Ah, another mobility tool to zoom around the map.

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Akshan can use a hookshot that sticks to the first terrain hit. After being struck, the player can recast it to swing around the terrain while firing physical damage bullets at the nearest enemy while swinging. He can also recast the ability again and jump in the direction of the cursor to fire a final shot towards the enemy.

The best part about this ability is that when Akshan earns a takedown on an enemy champion, the cooldown for the Heroic Swing ability resets. This allows him to follow up on high-priority targets in team fights.

R – Comeuppance

Akshan locks onto an enemy champion and begins channeling power into his gun to store bullets. At the end of the duration, or simply recasting it after a small delay, Akshan unleashes the stored bullets, dealing physical damage based on missing health to the first minion, champion, or structure hit. It is still unclear if the ultimate bypasses the champions to damage the marked target directly.

Akshan can cast his ultimate while moving normally and cast his E while channeling and firing to give him that extra range to finish off his foes.

Overall, Akshan looks like one of those champions who can run away with the game when fed or simply turn the tides in a late-game team fight by reviving his teammates instantly. It will be interesting to see how the champion feels and fits into the current meta.

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