LoL: Riot Teases Rise Of The Sentinels Event With New Champions, Skins & Lore

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LoL: Riot Teases Rise Of The Sentinels Event With New Champions, Skins & Lore

An epic clash between the Ruined King and Sentinels of Light is at hand.

Over the past few days, the LoL community has been in a flurry about a series of teasers and hints about what appears to be an upcoming event. Riot Games has been expanding on the story around Viego, the Ruined King, for a while now. First with Senna's release, then Viego himself, and most recently, with Gwen. Through it all, there's been a decent amount of buildup, hinting at a world-changing conflict. Well, that conflict may be coming sooner than you think.

Rise of the Sentinels event teasers

The first unofficial slice of info that was fielded was from Skin Spotlights on Twitter. They found files through data mining that points towards a new game mode, simply called “Ruined King Game Mode.” Then, images surfaced from the same source of a new Shadow Isles-themed map.

Then, the true first piece of the puzzle released a couple of days ago with a video titled “Fate of Demacia“. It depicts the grandness of a Demacian city, with its high white walls and majestic architecture, gleaming proudly. But then the Black Mist of the Shadow Isles creeps in, then pours. It was an ominous omen that the Mists are spreading, meaning the world can no longer hide from what's to come.

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Finally, a whole bunch of new teasers dropped from various sources. First, Riot themselves released an image of an unknown Shadow Isles character alongside the quote “Sentinels … Why do you persist … Chasing what you don't understand?” This piece of info reveals that the event will be called “Rise of the Sentinels” and begin on July 8. While that's exciting in itself, as it essentially confirms the Shadow Isles lore will deepen with a major conflict between Viego and the Sentinels of Light, other teasers are pointing towards even more.

New champions and skins

Though it's not official as of publishing, a promo image that has surfaced sure looks legit and gives us some insight about the event itself. The big thing to notice is the person near the bottom of the image, swinging from a rope with a grappling hook or harpoon gun weapon in his hands. There is very likely to be a new champion named Akshan. The name was initially discovered from a Wild Rift leak and this all but confirms he'll be the next LoL champion releasing. From what we know, Ashkan will be a mid lane marksman with good dueling and roaming ability. He'll likely play a vital role to the Sentinels fighting Viego.

However, that probably won't be the only champion to release around the event. As per the LoL Champion Roadmap from April, a mage Yordle type champion is expected to release this year who “has a big part to play in Viego's story”. While there's nothing solid out about her release yet, there is talk in the community of her being added fairly soon. There have also been some photos of her popping up around the internet too. Unfortunately, we'll need to wait for more info about her before it's safe to say she'll be releasing next month.

Besides those two, the Sentinels of Light promo image does show Graves and Vayne in brand new outfits. Because of this, they're expected to be getting new skins and extensions to their lore. They do look fantastic in their white and gold armor and will be very nice additions to their wardrobes.

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Overall, there's a lot to look forward to with the new Rise of the Sentinels event. Be sure to stay tuned to ESTNN for more info about it leading up to its launch!

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