New World: Things We Wished We Knew Before Playing

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New World: Things We Wished We Knew Before Playing

Get an early grasp of what New World is bringing to the MMO world.

With New World not being your classic class-based MMO, its systems can be daunting. Rather than simply just questing and killing mobs to level (you can do this as well), you’ll also gain XP by exploring the world, crafting, and collecting resources among others. You won’t pick a class when you open up the game, instead, you’ll level weapon skills and professions. New World is more like an RPG with other players. With all of these systems in place, it can get a little overwhelming. In this article, we’ve put together some tips and tricks to help you level.

Note, this isn’t intended to be used to speed run the opening days of New World. This is aimed at people looking for a few tips.

New World Tips

Auto Run

Take a moment to look over your key bindings. One important tip is to set one up for the “Auto Run” button. New World is large, and you’ll be doing a lot of traveling. Crucially, you can use this time to change talents, swap gear, or just take a look at what to do next. New World lets you do nearly anything while running, so use the time wisely.


Early on, you’ll be given a quest to make a skinning knife. Once you have done this, we recommend spending some time making all the other crafting and gathering items so that you can utilize your travel time even more. Once you’ve got these, when running from place to place, make sure to spend some extra time gathering.

Pick a job for you, but don’t stress about it:

New World has a number of professions that you can focus on. As with weapons, however, you’re not limited to doing a few of them. So try out as many as you can, from cooking and Weaponsmithing to become a master furniture designer. Once you find the one that works for you, think about the resources that the profession needs while out in the world. If you pick up Weaponsmithing, maybe go out of your way to get that mining node on the hill.

Picking a faction

Unlike most MMOs, New World’s faction system isn’t decided when you make your character. Instead, you’ll pick a faction once you’ve spent some time in the first settlement you land in. There are three to choose from, each with unique looks, so spend some time working out what’s best for you. The New World official site has a decent overview of the three factions here. Note, however, once you pick a faction you’ll be locked into that faction for a significant amount of time, and you won’t be able to swap to the server’s most popular faction.

The New World map, showing color-coded regions to display what factions own each region.
A look at what factions own a region.

Experiment with weapons

New World drops the class system over having weapon skills. You can equip and use two weapon types at a time. You’ll have a selection of 2-H weapons, 1-H weapons, ranged weapons, and magical items. Get a feel for them, and play around with each weapon in two “talent trees” and find what works for you. Due to your stats (earned when you level) affecting how well you use each weapon, some players will opt to use two weapons that use the same stats. A rapier and a bow might be a good example. Some might opt for a frost glove and a healing staff. Though healing does use focus as an “exclusive” stat.

The talent tree in New World, showing the player's levels in Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Focus and Constitution through a menu.
A look at the attributes tree.

Your name can have spaces and is unique

New World allows you to have spaces in your name. So unlike WoW, which gives you a single word name, New World allows you to have spaces in your name. Something that’s especially good for those looking to role-play.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that your name is (as of writing) unique across all servers in New World. Meaning, no one else on any server or region can have the same name as you. So if your name is common, best of luck.

Take time selecting your first house

Houses are a big part of New World, and you’ll be able to have three in total. There are two crucial things to remember about your house. Firstly, the first house you buy is 50% off. So if you save and buy the most expensive house first, you’ll get it for half price. Secondly, your house acts as a transport hub, allowing you to travel to that city without having to pay a fee.

Use community websites

As with any game, the community and being a part of it will always serve you well. There are too many to include here, but there are three good ones to start with.

  • First, New World Database is a great site for searching up items and obscure information.
  • New World Calculator allows you to create item and gear builds so that you can save a number of them for quick access.
  • New World Map will allow you to see all the important information that might be hidden to you on the world map without exploring. So if you need to find a specific gathering node, this should help.

There’s plenty of information we still don’t know about New World, so keep an eye out for more guides and articles in the future.

New World: Things We Wished We Knew Before Playing
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