New World: When Does It Release Plus Global Unlock Time And Prime Drops

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New World: When Does It Release Plus Global Unlock Time And Prime Drops

With New World finally getting its long-awaited release date, it’s time to get a head start on that release time.

With New World set to release on September 28, Amazon Studios has released a full list of global unlock times for the game. Initially, it had been suggested that we’d get a global launch, akin to what we see with World of Warcraft. However, that’s been slightly tweaked to allow for a slightly staggered release. This should allow for a less stressful launch globally without punishing certain regions.

Regional Release times

At launch, New World will be coming to five different local regions. Europe, Australia, South America, and East & Western United States will be the five regions. Obviously, the game is available outside of those regions, however, this is where the New World servers will be based.

A map of the world, drawn in an old fashioned, antique style, shows the launch times for different cities

Amazon provided the above image to show when the game will release in each region's specific time zone on September 28. Amazon provided a list of the release times globally, including all times in PT.

  • 8AM CEST EU Servers will launch (9/27 at 11pm PT)
  • 8AM BRT South American Servers will launch (9/28 4am PT)
  • 9PM AEST Australian Servers will launch (9/28 4am PT*)
  • 8AM ET NA East Coast Server will launch (9/28 at 5am PT)
  • 8AM PT NA West Coast Servers will launch

Australia is the only standout from the 8AM release, and Amazon clarified the reason behind the move:

“To provide the best possible experience at launch, we’ve decided to open our Australian server at a time that aligns with the larger global roll-out. Following the 8AM pattern for Australia would have resulted in it being a different “day” than other regions due to the time difference, and we wanted the region to be able to share in the launch community elsewhere in the world, like streams and website posts.”

Prime Gaming Rewards and Drops

Obviously, being an Amazon studio, New World is going to be pushing Prime Gaming on players. Well, it looks like that’ll be the case from day one, with New World announcing three incentives to players.

The Vinespun Weapon skins, available as a reward for watching the New World closed beta streamers

Firstly is the Vinespun Weapon Skins, which will be available by watching a select set of 66 streamers who participated in the game's closed Beta event. We don’t have details on the watch time required, however, it’ll likely be one to two hours based on Amazon’s previous Twitch Drops for the game.

One of the sets available as a drop for Twitch Prime users featuring a pirate style costume

Next up are two sets of Prime Gaming rewards. As shown above, the two sets will release on September 28, and October 12 respectively. With both being available until November 1.

The second drop available to Twitch Prime users, a cutlass style sword

The first pack will contain a skin, an emote, and 5,000 Marks of Fortune, New Worlds’ premium currency for in-game store items (currently cosmetic only). The second pack will include a sword skin, an emote, and three crests.

Be sure to stay tuned to ESTNN as New World launches for more news, tips and tricks!

New World: When Does It Release Plus Global Unlock Time And Prime Drops
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