New Remnant 2 Invoker Archetype Explained

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New Remnant 2 Invoker Archetype Explained

The launch of the new Remnant 2 DLC is getting closer and closer. This DLC will not only add pieces regarding the game's plot, but there will also be some new features from a gameplay point of view, such as the addition of a new archetype. The Remnant 2 Invoker archetype, in fact, is the new class that players will be able to unlock and use during their adventure in the world of Yaesha.

In this article, therefore, we will explain everything you need to know about this new archetype, also providing you with information on the abilities it is equipped with. In fact, if you are a veteran of the game, you will know that each archetype in Remnant 2 is equipped with specific abilities that he can use to defeat enemies. Let's see together what is part of the Invoker's arsenal.

Remnant 2 Invoker Archetype

The Invoker gets super strong by connecting with Nature Spirits from Yaesha. They use the jungle's magic to make their skills even better and do really powerful attacks that come from nature's unstoppable strength. Like any other archetype in the game, even the Invoker has some abilities you can use to face your opponents.

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Prime Perk: Visionary

The Prime Perk, Visionary, allows players to supercharge their Skill usage by granting double Skill Charges and reducing Skill Cooldowns for both equipped Archetypes.

Skill: Way of Kaeula

The Invoker unleashes a powerful Tidal Wave while also causing a rainstorm that covers the battlefield. Enemies caught in the downpour are slowed and intermittently blasted by lightning, while allies gain Haste.

Skill: Way of Meidra

The Invoker reinvigorates the battlefield which causes enemies to contract Gloom. Allies standing on regenerated land gain a constant Heal over Time and Lifesteal against targets suffering from Gloom.

Skill: Way of Lydusa

Infuses the Invoker with the shredding power of Sand, causing Ranged Damage to apply Brittle. Enemies become more susceptible to Critical Strikes and Critical Damage, while the Invoker can utilize Sand Shards, collected from Brittle enemies, to cast a brutal AOE Sandblast.

Archetype Trait: Gifted

Increases the duration of all applicable Skills which makes it a perfect unlock for players who want more time to take advantage of Remnant II’s many powerful Archetype buffs.

New Remnant 2 Invoker Archetype Explained
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