New Remnant 2 DLC 2 Release Date Just Announced

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New Remnant 2 DLC 2 Release Date Just Announced

The wait has come to an end. The Remnant 2 DLC 2 release date has just been announced by the developers with the release of a new video on YouTube.

Remnant 2 has been a great success since its launch, since it is an excellent sequel to Remnant from the Ashes, a game that tries to combine fps and soulslike in a single solution. The experiment was already successful with the first chapter, but the second (and its first DLC) managed to raise the bar even further.

Remnant 2 DLC 2 Release Date

Gunfire Games has just announced that the Remnant 2 DLC 2 will be available starting April 23 on all platforms where the main game and the first DLC have already been made available, namely PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series Obviously, this new expansion will bring with it lots of new features that all game lovers can't wait to try.

In the new DLC for Remnant 2, you will uncover the forgotten story of the lost tribe of Yaesha. You will need to calm down an angry ancient stone spirit named Lydusa. Explore the old buildings where bad things happened, as Lydusa's stones move around looking for people to hurt. There's a whole new story for you to discover, with a mysterious new place to explore in Yaesha. You will find new dungeons, get cool new gear, like the powerful “Invoker” class, make unexpected friends, and deal with new dangers as you try to bring peace back to the forgotten kingdom.

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As a result, not only will you be called upon to unravel new mysteries regarding the plot and lore of the game, but you will also have the opportunity to add new things regarding the gameplay. In addition to the presence of a new archetype which, certainly, as happened with the others, will have its own characteristics and peculiarities, there will also be new bosses, enemies, and characters to face.

The world of Yaesha will no longer have secrets for you after you explore it thoroughly in this Remnant 2 DLC 2, thanks also to the presence of new dungeons that will put you to the test. Finally, as if that wasn't enough, you will also have the opportunity to use new weapons created specifically to better face this new gaming experience. If you have played the previous adventures, you certainly cannot miss this new adventure in the world of Remnant 2.

New Remnant 2 DLC 2 Release Date Just Announced
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