New Naughty Bear Skin Added To Dead By Daylight

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New Naughty Bear Skin Added To Dead By Daylight

After the banger Halloween Event 2023 went live, a new Naughty Bear skin was added to Dead by Daylight. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

One of the most celebrated horror survival games in existence is Dead by Daylight. It is a game developed and distributed by Behavior Interactive released in 2016. Ever since then, there have been many DLCs and collections released from the characters in the game with many popular franchises including Stranger Things and Resident Evil. Most recently, the Halloween Event of 2023 went live and along with it came many new items. The new “Hallowed Blight”, “The Void” and “Tricks and Treats” collections were released for Killers and Survivors along with other Halloween-themed cosmetics. Now, another collection has been released and it is the new limited edition Naughty Bear skin. Hence, keep on reading to learn about the Naughty Bear skin.

New Naughty Bear Skin added to Dead by Daylight

New Naughty Bear Skin Added To Dead By Daylight

Credit: Dead by Daylight Official Website

The new Naughty Bear skin added to Dead by Daylight is an exclusive outfit for one of the original trio Killers, The Trapper. It is a Legendary Outfit that can be purchased for the Trapped through the in-game store. The skin comes with its own unique Memento Mori, which makes it a Visceral outfit as well. You can see the specific cutscene for the Memento Mori, a type of offering that lets you kill Survivors instantly in the in-game store. Along with the skin, Dead by Daylight has added unique UI visual indications to show that it is a Visceral Legendary Outfit. This skin originates from a 2010 original game and is a great tribute to Behavior Interactive’s history. 

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The Naughty Bear is a titular character from the 2010 game titled “Naughty Bear.” It was an action and adventure game where following Naughty’s sad story, he goes on a revengeful killing spree. The killing spree has now followed into The Fog and he is full of disdain, ready to kill everyone. His character will have all the mechanics that The Trapper has, including perks and add-ons. The only difference will be his appearance and a new weapon, the iconic Machete which can through fur and flesh alike with ease. Another cool addition is how Naughty can be seen covering his face with a large palm leaf in the pre-game lobby which is a reference to the original game’s story.

The skin was released in the in-game store on October 31 as a Halloween drop. The skin cannot be bought with Iridescent Shards like other Killer skins. It can only be purchased using Auric Cells which can be bought in packs. The skin can be bought for 1485 Auric Cells on sale though it normally costs 1940 Auric Cells. You can see the Naughty Bear Collection trailer as follows: 

Needless to say, this skin being added to the game is very amazing because it is a great tribute to Behavior Interactive’s history. Not only was the skin added, but it came with new visual indications and UI updates. We also now have the new Visceral Outfit update, which is the Memento Mori possibility for new Legendary Outfits. Hence, make sure to buy the new Naughty Bear skin added to Dead by Daylight while you can for The Trapper. Also, check out our other Dead by Daylight articles like the ultimate slugging guide for Killers and stay tuned for more such articles in the near future!

New Naughty Bear Skin Added To Dead By Daylight
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