Dead By Daylight Slugging Guide: How To Slug Like A Pro

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Dead By Daylight Slugging Guide: How To Slug Like A Pro

Are you looking to become a pro-killer in DBD? Then, you need to learn how to slug, so here is the ultimate Dead by Daylight slugging guide

Dead by Daylight (DBD) is one of the most popular survival horror games ever made. It is a game developed and published by Behavior Interactive Inc., a Canadian video game studio. It is an online co-op asymmetrical survival horror game set in a hunter-versus-prey scenario. The game is played by 5 people where it is 1 vs. 4, with four Survivors being chased by one Killer. The goal and techniques of the game vary for each character, with Survivors having to avoid being killed while fixing generators to escape. As a Killer, you have to know pro techniques to hunt four people down simultaneously and one such technique is slugging. Hence, here is the ultimate Dead by Daylight slugging guide!

Dead By Daylight Slugging Guide: How To Slug Like A Pro

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Slugging is the process of a Killer knocking Survivors down and instead of hooking them, leaving them on the ground to bleed out and die. This technique was discovered by diligent DBD players when the sabotage perk was added to the game. The sabotage perk allows servers to use their toolbox to break hooks and render them useless for a certain period. Hence, to counter the sabotage perk and risk of having to drop the Survivors midway, Killers use the slugging technique. Despite all that, some players think slugging is toxic and makes the game boring while others find it to be a genius tactic. Hence, here are the steps you need to follow to become a pro at slugging:

Step 1: Choose the Right Killer

No matter how well you know the technique, if you do not choose the right Killer to execute it, you will fail. Each Killer in Dead by Daylight has its own perks and abilities which makes it unique from the rest. Slugging is all about creating pressure and maneuvering the map tactfully to thwart the Survivors. Hence, when choosing your Killer, make sure to study its abilities. Speed is key when it comes to maneuvering the maps in the game at the right pace to slug. Here are 2 Killers that are perfect for slugging:

  • The Blight – This Killer is the fastest of all of the 33 available characters in DBD. He possesses 3 different special attacks: Rush, Slam and Lethal Rush. They allow him to gain ground on Survivors within mere seconds as he can dash forward, break through obstacles and attack while doing so.
  • The Nurse – This Killer has an ability known as “The Blink” which allows her to travel through a maximum of 20 meters in a blink to pursue a Survivor. Using this ability, you can easily maneuver the map and successfully slug Survivors as they try to run away and hide.
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Step 2: Learn how to Maneuver

Once you have chosen the right Killer, it is time to learn how to move around the map like a pro. To do this, play lots of matches and explore the hitboxes plus the range of your chosen Killer. As you play more matches, you will learn how to gain range on survivors. You also need to learn how to use your chosen Killer’s ability, so practice that as well.

Step 3: Classic Dead by Daylight Slugging

Dead By Daylight Slugging Guide: How To Slug Like A Pro

After you learn how to move properly, you can start slugging. When you catch up to a Survivor, knock them down and move them to a convenient place. Make sure that the place is somewhere open so other Survivors cannot hide around the vicinity. Then, it’s time to play the waiting game but it won’t be too long before you catch wind of another Survivor trying to help the fallen and attack!

Step 4: Be Cautious and Keep your eyes peeled

Before you attack another Survivor, make sure to check around to see if another one is nearby to heal the fallen. If you don’t take that precaution, you will end up chasing the other Survivor while the fallen gets healed by another member. Hence, before you start the chase, check your surroundings and plan your attack accordingly. Don’t stray too far with the chase and get back to the fallen to ensure they don’t get up.

Step 5: Knock em’ down and Repeat!

After you pursue a new Survivor, use your abilities and knock them down. After knocking them down, pick them up and drop them near your previous victim. If the distance is a bit too far, leave them be. Though, ensure that you have your eyes on both of the fallen, to prevent your slugging technique from going astray. To slug means to be aware of everything happening around you, so beware.

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These are the steps that you need to follow to slug like a pro and win the game with ease. Although this technique has a learning curve to it, we can assure you that it is worth trying. As you integrate the technique into your gameplay, you will realize just how powerful it is. It is very efficient in creating pressure all around the map without you having to be physically present. All you have to do is sit around and watch as the Survivors debate whether to let their team members bleed out or focus on fixing generators.

Another thing you can do to enhance your technique is knock down the Survivors near generators to frustrate and toy with them even more. There are many techniques that you can learn to improve your gameplay as a Killer but nothing is as satisfying and effective as slugging. It is better to be smart, so if you follow the 5 steps given above to a T, you can easily master the technique.

Counter-Slugging: How to Counter-Slug!

Enough about slugging, how can you counter-slug? The easiest way is to have perks that allow you to recover yourself when slugged. The 3 available perks to do this are Unbreakable, Soul Guard and No Mither, but each of them has its disadvantages. Another way is to never run into a group of slugs, hide around and wait for the Killer to move, which they will eventually. Once they do, crawl to the fallen Survivors and focus on healing the ones who have recovered themselves to the max. And now, you can successfully counter-slug Killers like a pro!

Needless to say, many survival horror games will come and go, but none will be as iconic and fun to play as Dead by Daylight. The game is available to play on consoles including PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, Stadia and even Mobile. Despite the game being released back in 2016, it has grown to be even better adapted to current consoles. Its unique gameplay, setting and mechanics set it apart from other survival multiplayer horror games and make it one of a kind. Hence, go buy the game on your preferred console today and play it now. Make sure to check out our Dead by Daylight slugging guide to become a Killer who is pro and unbeatable at the game!

Dead By Daylight Slugging Guide: How To Slug Like A Pro
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