Dead by Daylight Killers Tier List: Best Killers Rank List

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Dead by Daylight Killers Tier List: Best Killers Rank List

Here's our list of the 33 killers ranked from Tier S to C in a comprehensive Dead by Daylight Killer Tier List

We've created a tier list to help you choose the right killer in Dead by Daylight, ranking them from S to C based on their effectiveness and versatility, considering their impact on different gameplay scenarios and their performance against experienced survivors.

Dead by Daylight Killer Tier List: Best Killers Rank List

S Tier Killers

  • The Nurse
    • Boasts an unparralled teleportation ability, Spencer's Last Breath, allowing her to swiftly traverse the map and close the gap on Survivors, making her a formidable force capable of swiftly eliminate all four surivors.
  • The Blight
    • Has incredible speed and the ability to rapidly traverse the map using Rush. Past the learning curve, his speed and Lethal Rush enables him to close the gap on survivors with deadly effectiveness.
  • The Executioner
    • Mastering his ability, Rites of Judgment, allows skilled players to strategically create ground openings, inflicting Torment on survivors and setting the stage for lethal Final Judgments, cementing his place among the game's top-tier villains.
  • The Xenomorph
    • Its exceptional tracking abilities, including detecting survivor footsteps and generator sounds while underground, make it a strong contender for S-tier in Dead by Daylight, despite its lower base speed and vulnerability to flame turrets.
  • The Artist
    • The Artist's S-tier ranking is due to her unique crow-based abilities that serve as both damage-dealing projectiles and tracking tools, making her a versatile and strategic choice for experienced Dead by Daylight players.

A Tier Killers

  • The Hag
    • The Hag and The Nurse, both formidable choices for seasoned survivors, occupy the A Tier due to their “very hard” difficulty ratings, with The Hag's teleportation ability offering a slight advantage for those skilled in utilizing her Phantasm Traps strategically.
  • The Spirit
    • The Spirit, while not quite in the S-tier alongside other teleporting killers, stands as a top-tier choice in A-tier with her unique spirit-form traversal, granting her invisibility and a speed boost when navigating the map, making her relatively more accessible for beginners.
  • The Plague
    • The Plague, while not as fast-paced as some killers, offers a ranged approach to the hunt, making her suitable for new killers who prefer not to engage in melee combat, and her Vile Purge ability can exert pressure on survivors by infecting them and objects, strategically forcing them to interact with contaminated elements.
  • The Oni
    • Kazan Yamaoka, also known as The Oni, is an immensely formidable killer with a unique set of abilities, capable of traversing great distances with his Demon Dash and delivering lethal blows with his Demon Strike, both of which are fueled by the absorption of Blood Orbs left by injured survivors.
  • The Mastermind
    • Wesker, known as The Mastermind, is emerging as a formidable villain in Dead by Daylight, boasting a combination of ranged attacks and the ability to instantly carry survivors when played skillfully, with his power, Virulent Bound, providing multiple advantages for a killer.
  • The Singularity
    • The Singularity, introduced in the End Transmission chapter, has quickly risen to the top of the tier list due to its incredible strength, especially when used in conjunction with its unique power, allowing it to strategically place cameras around the map to monitor and interact with survivors.
  • The Nemesis
    • The Nemesis, a Resident Evil crossover killer, introduces a unique T-Virus power that allows for ranged infection of survivors, leading to additional health states and various power enhancements as more infections occur, making him a challenging but rewarding villain to master.
  • The Dredge
    • The Dredge, featured in the Roots of Dread chapter, boasts unique abilities, with The Gloaming allowing for teleportation to lockers and effective survivor location reveals when combined with certain perks, making for a formidable killer experience despite the lack of special attacks.
  • The Demogorgon
    • The Demogorgon, available only to those who purchased the Stranger Things chapter before the license expired, offers a competitive yet challenging killer experience with the ability to traverse the Upside Down and employ the powerful Shred attack, though mastering its unique mechanics can be demanding.
  • The Hillbilly
    • The Hillbilly, a formidable killer with Chainsaw Sprint power that can swiftly close the gap and incapacitate survivors in one hit, earns an A-tier spot, but skilled survivors can evade his charge with last-second dodges, preventing him from reaching S-tier status.
  • The Twins
    • The Twins, Charlotte and Victor, present a unique gameplay dynamic, allowing you to control Victor to hunt down survivors, but the potential for survivors to thwart Victor's attacks and Charlotte's need to be close to finish the job prevent them from reaching S-tier status.
  • The Knight
    • The Knight is a complex killer whose ability to summon guards can be incredibly powerful when mastered, creating a unique gameplay dynamic and potential for swift eliminations.
  • The Huntress
    • The Huntress is an A-tier killer thanks to her ranged weapon, the Hunting Hatchets, which allow for quick and deadly eliminations with precise throws, offering a unique and powerful playstyle.
  • The Skull Merchant
    • Excels in countering skilled survivors by strategically using her drones to block generators and reveal survivor locations, making her a potent killer in experienced hands.
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B Tier Killers

  • The Ghost Face
    • Has a unique stealth mechanics, which can be highly effective in surprising and stalking survivors, but his reliance on a basic melee attack limits his overall effectiveness in chases and engagements.
  • The Shape
    • Has the ability to become a formidable killer in the late game through his Evil Within power, but his slower early-game progression and reliance on stalking may not suit all players' styles.
  • The Trickster
    • His ranged abilities with Showstopper can be difficult to master and may not provide significant advantages unless players have exceptional aiming skills.
  • The Onryo
    • Difficult to effectively utilizing her teleportation ability, which is slower and more easily countered compared to other killers with similar powers, making her less favored among players.
  • The Deathslinger
    • His unique harpoon power, while distinctive, can be challenging to use effectively, and survivors have counterplay options that make it less reliable in many situations.
  • The Nightmare
    • His Dream World mechanics don't significantly hinder survivors, and his teleportation ability is relatively easy for survivors to counter, making it challenging to achieve consistent success.
  • The Doctor
    • His Madness-inducing abilities are effective for locating survivors and disrupting their progress, but he lacks the ability to down survivors quickly, making it challenging to secure sacrifices consistently.
  • The Legion
    • They can slow down survivors and prolong the game, but their power is challenging to control and requires multiple hits to down a survivor, making it difficult to secure sacrifices consistently.
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C Tier Killers

  • The Trapper
    • Has lost effectiveness due to game changes and survivor perks.
  • The Wraith
    • An easy-to-play killer with a focus on ambushing survivors through cloaking
  • The Pig
    • Effective with Reverse Bear Traps but can extend game duration.
  • The Cannibal
    • Less potent than Hillbilly, hindered by drawbacks in attacks.
  • The Clown
    • Presents a challenge with potion-throwing powers.
  • The Cenobite
    • Limited impact, easily countered by survivor actions.

Dead by Daylight Killer Tier List

This comprehensive overview provides insights into the strengths and weaknesses of each of the 33 killers in Dead by Daylight, helping you choose the right one to suit your playstyle. Whether you prefer the relentless pursuit of The Nurse or the strategic map control of The Hag, mastering your killer's abilities is the key to success in this thrilling asymmetrical horror game.

Dead by Daylight Killers Tier List: Best Killers Rank List
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