Free Company Neverland Claims World First for Dragonsong’s Reprise Ultimate

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Free Company Neverland Claims World First for Dragonsong’s Reprise Ultimate

After almost a week of grandiose battle and hardship. The first group manages to clear Dragonsong Reprise Ultimate! The Article Includes minor spoilers for the Ultimate encounter.

The First Legends of the Heavens

European Free Company Neverland on Cerberus is the first group to clear the newest Ultimate in Final Fantasy XIV! After an impressive 146 hours and 55 minutes, the party from the Chaos Data Center managed to bring an end to the Dragonsong. The first and as of writing only team to claim the converted title of Heavens' Legend. The fight itself ended up clocking in at 19 minutes in total, with 7 different phases to master. Neverland went in with an experienced team, with former members Entropy and Tempest. Of previous world-first fame.

So congratulation's to Neverland! Their party ended up consisting of: Paladin, Dark Knight, Scholar, Astrologian, Ninja, Samurai, Red Mage and Dancer. Pictured here with their newly acquired weapons:

An End to the Song and a Knight to Remember

While we have no confirmed overkills yet. There are still teams out there, trying their darndest to get the silver and bronze medals, which is no small feat either. After six days of progression, Dragonsong's Refrain Ultimate stands as probably one of the best encounters Square Enix has ever designed. Players get to relive the events of the Dragonsong War, which is part of the award-winning Heavensward expansion.

In the first phase, players have to helplessly watch one more, as our good friend Haurchefant lays down his life for the party. After follows an abridged and devious version of the events from the story. Players have to face Thordan and his knights, then go up against a transformed Nidhogg to rescue another comrade.

Then time is rewind, as you find yourself at the start of the fight once more (without wiping). Players now have the chance to save Haurchefant from his destined death. Only to deal with the consequences that changing the timeline entails. And while the XIV community rejoiced in being able to save their favorite knight. Raiders all around the world had to now deal with an empowered Thordan.

If you are feeling up to the task, Dragonsong's Reprise Ultimate requires all party members to clear Asphodelos: The Fourth Circle (Savage). And an average iLevel of 605. This encounter demands everything from you, so prepare for the long haul.

A Smile better Suits Heroes

During the first four days of progression, MogTalk hosted the World Race for Charity event. Here, viewers could cheer on all teams participating, while engaging in discussion. All in the name of charity. This time, MogTalk has teamed up with Doctors without Boarders Ukraine. By donating, players could enter a lottery to win In-Game items, gaming gear sponsored by Cosair and commissions for art. The charity ended up raising $31,254.69 USD. With all the raised money and revenue from the stream going to the charity.

Free Company Neverland Claims World First for Dragonsong’s Reprise Ultimate
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