Nemesis Dead By Daylight Killer Guide: The T-Type Tyrant

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Nemesis Dead By Daylight Killer Guide: The T-Type Tyrant

Are you looking to learn how to play Nemesis like a pro? Then, take a look at our Nemesis Dead by Daylight Killer guide

Nemesis is one of the most powerful Killers out of the 33 Killers in Dead by Daylight. He is a powerful tyrant who is more than capable of sucker-punching you straight to death. He was announced in the twentieth DLC in Dead by Daylight’s history of DLCs.

The DLC was titled “CHAPTER 20: Resident Evil” and released on 15 June 2021. Naturally, it became one of the most popular DLC releases with players loving the crossover between the two most popular horror games and of course, Nemesis was a fan-favorite because of his abilities. However, he is a harder Killer to play with because of his special mechanics, so take a look at this Nemesis Dead by Daylight Killer guide.

Nemesis Ultimate Dead by Daylight Killer Guide

Nemesis Dead By Daylight Killer Guide: The T-Type Tyrant

Credit: Nemesis Official Reveal Trailer

Nemesis is an unstoppable bio-organic weapon that was created by the Umbrella Corporation as part of the T-103 tyrants with the sole purpose of exterminating its targets. He is a tyrant who has increased near-human intelligence and once he locks his sights upon a target, he doesn’t stop until he kills them.

The most amazing part is that he has tentacles, which are the worm-like parasite inside him named the “NE-α Parasite” which he can use to infect his victims with the destructive T-Virus, killing them eventually. Besides, he can summon two supportive AI-controlled Zombies that help him hunt down Survivors.

You can also Prestige this Killer like others by leveling up the Bloodweb and getting his three unique perks in other Killer’s inventories when reaching Tier I, II and III respectively. It is necessary to know what special load out and perks a Killer comes with before choosing to play with them. This is because utilizing the load out of a Killer is necessary to fully grasp their mechanics and play properly.

As we know, his weapon is the “Raw Fists”, which he uses to punch his victim to a pulp. It is a new weapon in the game, so the hitbox varies from others. Hence, it is essential to get as much information as possible about the Killer before attempting to play with them. For this reason, here is everything you need to know about Nemesis’ mechanics:

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Special Load Out

Here is a list of the weapon, power, attack, enemy, affliction and interaction that he possesses:

Special Weapon:

The special weapon that Nemesis primarily uses is his “Raw Fists.” Yes, those fists can tear you in half with sheer brute force while simultaneously infecting you with the T-Virus.

Special Power:

This special power is none other than the “T-Virus”, which is like a boost for him that allows him to mutate himself at three different rates and gain bonus status effects. The more Survivors he contaminates using the NE-α Parasite’s tentacles, the more Contamination Points he gets. Here are the status effects of the mutation rates and how many points you need to get there:

  • Mutation Rate 1: No status effects.
  • Mutation Rate 1 to 2 (6 Contamination Points): Grants the ability to destroy pallets and breakable walls or doors with the Tentacle Strike Attack.
  • Mutation Rate 2 to 3 (9 Contamination Points): Increases the range of the Tentacle Strike from 5 meters to 6 meters and the movement speed while charging a Tentacle Strike from 3.8m/s to 4.0m/s.

Special Attack:

The special attack is “Tentacle Strike” and using this special attack, you can earn Contamination Points, which vary with the type of hit you make. They are as follows:

  • +3 Contamination Points: Add them to the power gauge when you hit a healthy Survivor alongside contaminating them and giving them the “Hindered” status effect for a brief 0.25 seconds.
  • +1 Contamination Point: Add them to the power gauge when you hit a contaminated Survivor and give them the “Hindered” status effect for a brief 0.25 seconds.

Special Enemy:

The special enemy is two Zombies who spawn from a random Hook at the beginning of the round after 12 seconds of starting. They react to all sorts of noise including rushed actions, Chest unlocks, Generator repairs and grunts of pain. They can hit and contaminate Survivors instantly. Survivors can make them lose sight by blinding them. They can destroy them entirely by using pallets, after which they respawn after 45 seconds.

Special Affliction:

The special affliction that can be inflicted is “Contamination” which appears after being hit by the Tentacle Strike. Survivors can also get the affliction after being hit by a Zombie. It causes Survivors to be injured and occasionally cough.

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Special Interaction:

The special interaction is the Vaccine, which Survivors can use to cure themselves from Contamination. It comes in the form of syringes which can be found in unlockable Chests all over the map in limited quantity and used once. When contaminated, they can see the Chests highlighted in white.

Unique Perks

Here is a list of the 3 unique perks that he comes with:

  • Lethal Pursuer: This perk reveals the aura of all Survivors to you at the start of the round for 7/8/9 seconds.
  • Hysteria: This perk grants all injured Survivors the “Oblivious” status effect for 20/30/50 when you put a healthy Survivor in the injured state. It has a cooldown of 30 seconds.
  • Eruption: This perk activates when you damage a Generator by highlighting all others in yellow, instantly regresses all progression by -10% and Survivors fixing the other Generators scream while revealing their aura to you for 8/10/12 seconds. It deactivates when any Survivor is put in the dying state alongside making all Generators explode and start regressing instantly.

Tips for playing Nemesis as a Killer

Here are some of the best tips for playing as Nemesis in the game:

  • When using the Tentacle Strike, wait for the Survivor to go in front of you to guarantee a hit rather than tracking their movements.
  • Keep a close watch on your Zombies, because when their arms go up, it means a Survivor is nearby.
  • Push the Survivor you’re chasing towards a Zombie if they’re nearby to save your Special Attack for another.
  • Use the T-Virus to your advantage by contaminating Survivors. Instead of downing them, chase them around until the Contamination kills them.
  • Avoid pallets at all costs because Nemesis has low mobility and movement speed.

Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons of playing with Nemesis:


  • Low cooldown time of Special Attack
  • Supporting creatures
  • Long-range attack
  • Mutation powers


  • Hard to overpower Survivors
  • Low mobility skills
  • Limited movement speed when using Special Attack
  • Longer time to fill the Power Gauge

Countering Nemesis

Here are some perks to counter Nemesis:

  • Windows of Opportunity: This perk highlights all vaults and pallets within 20 meters and using them, you can outrun Nemesis.
  • Lithe: After doing a Rush Vault, you sprint at 150% of your normal running speed for 3 seconds and get the Exhausted status effect immediately afterward.


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Nemesis Dead By Daylight Killer Guide: The T-Type Tyrant
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