NAVI Announces Europa Halo Summer Series Open 2

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NAVI Announces Europa Halo Summer Series Open 2

NAVI has just announced the Europa Halo Summer Series. 

After hosting the Spring Series in late May, NAVI and Europa Halo are back for the 2023 Summer Series. Three qualifying tournaments will take place between July 8 and July 22 to determine the final eight teams for the championship. The final event will take place on July 29. There will be a $5,000 prize pool, and teams can also earn valuable HCS points.

Host NAVI themselves won the Spring Series, defeating Aw0babobs 4-0 in the finals. NAVI had an underwhelming showing at HCS Dallas 2023, with a 9th-12th place finish. They will have a chance to get back on top with the Summer Series, as well as the Arlington Major, which begins on June 30. 

The Summer Series is open to the public, and signups are available now

NAVI Announces Europa Halo Summer Series Open 2
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