NA & EU Fortnite Power Rankings: Top 100 Players

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NA & EU Fortnite Power Rankings: Top 100 Players

Here is the latest iteration of the ESTNN Fortnite Power Rankings. I added all the EU player data, and the list now features the top 100 players rather than top 55. I also slightly altered the VeLoScore metric, players are now ranked based on average VeLoScore rather than total. This change completely negates the bias that came with ranking the players on total VeLoscore, which inevitably gave more points to players based on the number of tournaments they played in. This change also forced me to put a hard cut-off of seven tournaments to be eligible for the Power Rankings.

The results are up-to-date with the results of the Blackheart Cup, and will continue to be updated when the Luxe Cup results are officially released and as the Fortnite World Cup begins to unfold.

Power Rankings

If you are unclear about what certain variables or metrics mean, click here.

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