NA East Season 11 Fortnite Champion Series Squads Breakdown

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NA East Season 11 Fortnite Champion Series Squads Breakdown

Season 11 is upon us, and that means the Fortnite Champion Series will soon commence. The format is squads, and we will see how teams of four play out over the span of the next month or so. Epic Games has not yet released a schedule of events, but at this point, we are under the assumption that it will work similarly to the Season X Fornite Champion Series. Squads will add a different dynamic to competitive Fortnite, and it will be interesting to see how strategies will roll out. The endgames will undoubtedly be hectic, and the loot pool may prove to be even more difficult with an additional player in the fold. Nevertheless, we are breaking down the announced squads per region, beginning with NA East. Let’s see how each squad formed since Epic Games announced the format change

Liquid 72hrs, Liquid Vivid, Liquid Chap and Tempo CizLucky

The trio of Liquid Vivid, Liquid Chap and Tempo CizLucky capped off the inaugural Fortnite Champion Series with a runner-up finish at the Season X Finals. Not many expected such results from the crafty veterans, but it was ultimately a pleasant surprise. CizLucky and Chap first teamed with Tempo Brush for week 1 of the qualifiers but picked up Vivid after an unsuccessful endeavor. Vivid, Chap and CizLucky need only one week to qualify for the Season X Finals. The three finished in 3rd place after the third qualifier, which remained their only top-8 finish through the qualification period. Chap, CizLucky and Vivid went on to perform extremely well in the Season X Finals, finishing in second only to TSM Zexrow, Calculator and TSM MackWood.

The second-place finishing trio adds Liquid 72hrs to their roster for the squads format. Unfortunately, 72hrs did not participate in either the Season X Semi-Finals nor the Finals. He and Dennis “Cloak” Lepore underwent some internal turmoil with Turner “Tfue” Tenney. This ultimately led to a split, which left 72hrs and Cloak to find a third to complete their trio. The two chose Tyler “Tyler15” Crews of Luminosity Gaming, however, they ultimately did not qualify for the Season X Finals. Nevertheless, 72hrs joins two of his organization teammates as Season 11 shifts focus over to squads.

SEN Bugha, NRG Zayt, Liquid Stretch and Ghost Saf

This foursome combines a World Champion, two multiple-time champions and a rising star into what could be an unstoppable force. Not much can be said that hasn’t already been said about Bugha. His track record includes a first-place finish at the Fornite World Cup in Solos. He went on to team with RS ClarityG and Stretch for the Fortnite Champion Series. The three achieved a top-8 finish in all 5 of the qualifying weeks through the FNCS competition. Bugha, ClarityG and Stretch set up nicely for the Season X Finals, where they took 1st in Heat 1 of Semi-Finals. This trio suffered an unfortunate result in the Finals, however, with a 26th place finish. Bugha and Stretch then parted ways with ClarityG in favor of the superbly talented and accomplished, NRG Zayt and Ghost Saf.

The duo of NRG Zayt and Ghost Saf dates back all the way to July of 2018 in a competitive manner. Zayt and Saf have 3 premier wins, which took place in Week 3 of the Summer Skirmish, Katowice Royale 2019 and the NA West Scallywag Cup. In addition to this, they were point leaders for the majority of the World Cup Duo Finals, but in the end, they took 4th place. Zayt and Saf’s consistency as a duo makes them an absolute force in competitive Fortnite. Joining forces with Bugha and Stretch puts this squad in consideration for the best of the NA East.

Calculator, TSM Zexrow, TSM MackWood and TSM Vinny1x

The Season X Champions of the NA East, Calculator, Zexrow and MackWood finally settled on Vinny1x as their fourth for the upcoming Fortnite Champion Series. What more can be said about Zexrow, Calculator and MackWood? They mesh extremely well as a team with Zexrow and Calculator slaying and MackWood running point as the in-game leader (IGL). This trio placed top-8 twice over the 5-week qualification period. Their performance at the Season X Finals yielded 1 Victory Royale and 32 eliminations collectively. Although Zexrow, Calculator and MackWood were not as consistent throughout the FNCS, they showed up when it mattered. For Season 11, the NA East Champions add Zexrow’s former duo, Vinny1x, to complete their roster.

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Vinny’s Fortnite Champion Series run ended prior to the Season X Finals. He competed alongside Arkhram1x of 100 Thieves and Falconer out of the NA West region. The three World Cup participants had two top-8 finishes heading into the Season X Finals. Vinny, Falconer and Akhram just barely missed the cut, placing 9th in Heat 4 of the NA West Semi-Finals. Vinny1x now rejoins his World Cup partner, Zexrow, as well as MackWood and Calculator as they hope to win back-to-back Season Championships.

FaZe Dubs, FaZe Megga, Ghost Bizzle and Rogue Eclipsae

Dubs and Megga are a duo that has stood the test of time. Since March of 2019, these two have risen through competitive Fortnite. They competed together at the Fortnite World Cup and earned a 7th place finish for their efforts. For the Fortnite Champion Series, they completed their trio with the addition of Rogue Eclipsae. The three performed well, finishing inside the top 8 on three occasions. At the Season X Finals, Dubs, Megga and Eclipsae took second place in Heat 2, and because of this, advanced to the Grand Finals. This trio produced an underwhelming 17th place finish in the finals, but have much to look forward to with the addition of Ghost Bizzle as their fourth.

Bizzle played alongside Hydra and fellow Ghost Gaming member, Dmo, during the Fortnite Season X Champion Series. Over the 5 weeks of qualifiers, Bizzle’s trio had two top-8 finishes but unfortunately could not make it out of Heat 4 of NA East. Bizzle decided to part ways with Hydra and Dmo with squads upcoming and join Dubs, Megga and Eclipsae. The former Secret Skirmish Champion’s accomplishments have echoed through competitive Fortnite, and he will be looking to add more in Season 11.

Ghost Thwifo, TSM Cloud, RS ClarityG and SEN Zyfa

Ghost Thwifo and TSM Cloud have parted ways with Ghost Snood in favor of ClarityG and Zyfa. This squad combines a pair who just competed in the FNCS with two players from other successful trios. Thwifo and Cloud qualified three times for the Season X Championship Semi-Finals alongside Snood. They took second in Heat 3 of the NA East Semi-Finals setting them up nicely for the Season X Finals. At the completion of the tournament, Thwifo, Cloud and Snood took 10th place. Thwifo and Cloud opted to move forward with Clarity and Zyfa, and hold no hard feelings towards Snood.

ClarityG and Zyfa were both a part of separates trios during the Season X Fortnite Champion Series. ClarityG saw success with Bugha and Stretch having qualified almost every week during the initial 5 week period. The three ultimately came up short in Grand Finals by a large margin, which prompted Bugha and Stretch to move on. In somewhat of a surprising move, Zayt and Saf moved on from Zyfa after a 4th place finish at the Season X Finals. This squad has the potential to surprise considering the talent within.

MSF Spades, Nittle, Smqcked and Casqer

Fresh off of a 7th place finish at the NA East Season X Finals, Spades went int search of a squad for Season 11. Having held his own alongside the likes of Clix and Crimz, Spades found a new home with Nittle, Smqcked and Casqer. Although these names may not jump out, this long-standing trio put up some impressive numbers during the Season X Fortnite Champion Series. It took Nittle, Smqcked and Casqer 5 weeks to lock up a spot, and they parlayed that into a solid result. This trio took 5th place in Heat 2 of semi-finals and then proceeded to finish in 16th place in the finals. Spades and Nittle also have history seeing as they were together in a trio before Spades joined Crimz and Clix. The young Misfits Gaming member is in good company heading into Season 11.

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Ghost Innocents, Ghost Assault, Keys and Slackes

Ghost Innocents and Ghost Assault have been a duo dating back as early as March of 2019. As controller players, this Ghost Gaming duo flies under the radar and are ready for a breakthrough performance. The two of them brought in Keys to complete their trio for the Season X Fortnite Champion Series. Although they did not place top 8 in any of the 5 qualifiers leading into the Season X Championship, their consistency nearly carried them to the final stage of the competition. Unfortunately for them, they missed out on the Season X Grand Finals by mere points. Innocents, Keys and Assault took 9th place in Heat 4, and they needed 8th place to continue on. This trio is in search of their breakthrough performance, and they will look to do so with Slackes.

Slackes participated in the Fortnite Season X Championship with NRG Symfuhny and TSM Reverse2k. As seemingly a last-second trio, these three made it all the way to the Season X Grand Finals and earned a 9th place finish. This elevated Slackes’ name to another level and he will rejoin his World Cup duo partner, Keys, for the upcoming FNCS Season 11. The squad of Innocents, Assault, Keys and Slackes will undoubtedly fly under the radar for the upcoming season. This foursome has all the talent in the world and will turn some heads in the FNCS.

MSF Clix, SEN HighSky, TSM Commandment and LZR Kreo

Clix has officially moved on from Crimz and Spades to join forces with the trio of HighSky, Commandment and Kreo. As a Fortnite World Cup double-qualifier, Clix has accomplished a lot in his short Fortnite career. He is coming off of a 7th place finish at the Season X Finals alongside his aforementioned trio teammates. Clix’s skill speaks for itself given the dozens of clips available online, and most any professional player will agree that Clix is on another level. The switch to squads put Clix in a position where he needed three complementary pieces to suit his playstyle.

Clix joined up with the trio of HighSky, Kreo and Commandment. These three players remained a trio through the duration of the Season X Fortnite Champion Series. They placed top 8 only once, but also achieved a 10th and 11th place finish as well. Although HighSky, Kreo and Commandment failed to qualify for the Season X Grand Finals, the pedigree of talent is there. We are looking at three Fortnite World Cup qualifiers on this squad, and a whole lot of trio experience mixed in. It is unclear exactly how this will translate to teams of four, but there is a strong likelihood that this team will make waves in the near future. We have seen varying degrees of success from Clix, HighSky, Commandment and Kreo, they will look to put all of their skills and experience together for Season 11 of the FNCS.

LZR Crimz, Liquid Poach, Hogman and Ghost Snood

The last fully announced squad we are covering today includes; LZR Crimz, Liquid Poach, Hogman and Ghost Snood. This is one of the only confirmed squad that is coming from four separate trios. These players individually experienced different results through the Season X Fortnite Champion Series. Hogman and Poach both exited in the semi-finals with their respective trios. Crimz and Snood both made it deep into the Grand Finals, respectively placing 7th and 10th. As we have seen in the past, each individual player’s skill is not predictive of how a team will perform. Crimz, Hogman, Poach and Snood all coming from different trios just means that there is much more to prove. These four were the odd men out, which can often add fuel to the fire. Season 11 is a perfect stage for these four players to exhibit teamwork all the way to the top.

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