MyRepublic Creates Esports Program with Prizes and Focus on Local Gaming

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MyRepublic Creates Esports Program with Prizes and Focus on Local Gaming

MyRepublic is engaging gamers through competitive achievement hunting.

Growing Singapore-based company, MyRepublic, has created an esports program to try and engage gamers (as well as their audience).

The program goes by the name “Achievement Unlocked,” and will revolve around recently released games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Monster Hunter World Iceborne, Legends of Runeterra, Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Each game will feature seven “Season Achievements” each season that will put the gamers’ skills to the test. There will also be five “Weekly Achievements” each week during a season that will challenge games to complete tasks to attain each “Weekly Achievement”.

Gamers that play these games will be rewarded for unlocking various weekly or season in-game achievements like PlayStation credits, Steam store credits, or GrabFood credits. Gamers that are MyRepublic subscribers will be entitled to additional rewards.

Essentially, this could help people eat and actually survive during this pandemic. Granted, it doesn’t do as much as working, but the amount of effort MyRepublic is putting into their work is quite interesting. In the US where we have prizes of $25,000 at the ready for almost any tournament, food credits are the prize here.

A Word From Higher Ups

Lawrence Chan, managing director of MyRepublic Singapore, had this to say about the growing popularity of esports:

“With the rise of esports, the spotlight has moved away from non-competitive games, despite the fact that achieving success in such games requires a great deal of skill and dedication as well. Achievement Unlocked is our way of celebrating the talented, passionate, and dedicated gamers in Singapore from all walks of life.

This platform aims to provide recognition and rewards to gamers, many of whom have accomplished some truly astonishing feats beyond esports. Achievement Unlocked will also see us collaborating with local gaming content creators in order to spotlight their work to the community.”

Once the lockdown is finally over, the possibility of new investors and commercial partners will likely come to fruition. MyRepublic has dabbled in esports ventures for years, and this new attempt is a safer one more open to casual gamers. With a title like the new Animal Crossing, the audience opens up to bigger demographics for MyRepublic to market to, specifically, women in gaming and a wider range in age between viewers.

A Future Reminder

The one thing to keep in mind is that MyRepublic is first and foremost a telecommunications company. While they are certainly one of the fastest-growing telecom operators in the Asia-Pacific, with operations across Singapore, Indonesia, New Zealand, and even Australia, this esports endeavor really needs to pay off regardless of expansive success.

Their focus and commitment to local esports and regular video game content is interesting. Hopefully, the focus on indie game creators will bring about publicity for on the rise game makers as well as give MyRepublic a new angle to further their success.

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