My Time at Sandrock Tips – 11 Things We Wish We Knew

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My Time at Sandrock Tips – 11 Things We Wish We Knew

Here are some My Time at Sandrock Tips and Tricks we wished we knew before starting out.

My Time at Sandrock has finally been released out of early access and it is everything and more we wanted from a sequel to My Time at Portia. But there is also a lot of video game for you to dig into, so much in fact that we thought we compile a list with things you should keep in mind while playing.

My Time at Sandrock Tips

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1. Take it Slow

Unless you're taking on any urgent commissions you always have more than enough time to complete all your tasks in My Time in Sandrock. If you don't get to complete something today, do it tomorrow, and don't stretch yourself too thin either.

Side Quests are something you should always tackle one at a time whenever you are not scavenging for resources, fighting monsters, or exploring the world.

2. The Workshop Never Closes

In counter to the tip before this one, your recycler and various machines at your workshop should never ever stand idle. There is always something to recycle in your inventory, some material to process, and a good to craft. And do keep in mind that these keep running even when you go to bed.

3. Invest in Chests Early

One of the big new things in My Time in Sandrock is that you have access to all your chest from any of your workstations. This means you can happily dump everything in neat little storage containers and don't worry about your inventory cluttering up.

We found that components such as wood, stone, fiber, and so on are best stored early on. When you return from your usual haul, you can simply use the autofill function to empty out your inventory.

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4. Frequent the Research Center

This is something we forgot early on and regretted soon after. Whenever you dive into the ruins and find a bunch of these data discs you should turn them in as soon as possible. You can find the Research Center in the upper parts of Sandrock where you meet Qi.

These Data Discs can then be used to research new crafting recipes for workstations as well as upgrades to existing ones. these are crucial as they start unlocking more and more things for you to craft better and faster.

You can speed up the research process, which usually takes a few days by handing in even more Data Disks after you've picked something to research.

5. Make Investments

Money that just sits in your inventory can't grow, that is one of the core principles of investments and it rings true for My Time in Sandrock. If you have money, spend it. Spend it on upgrades to your equipment, rare materials, and blueprints for new crafts.

As long as you have around 300-500 gols on you at all times, you should get by without a hitch.

6. Make The Rounds

Never just stand around in your workshop waiting for your crafts to finish up. If you don't have to turn something in urgently, you can always hit up the wilds or the town and progress in some other way. Make sure to catch up with the locals and or gather materials.

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7. Build up a Stock

This goes hand in hand with the not being idle part in the previous tip. Whenever you find yourself waiting or simply don't know what to do with yourself, you can always hit up one of the dungeons, ruins of the wilds to farm for some materials.

Sure you don't need 100 wood and 50 copper ores now, but they will come in really handy once you start your next commission. The same goes for buying rare materials, if you have the money to spend getting it from the store takes less time than heating into the wild to find it.

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8. Greet Everyone

If you're running across town to fulfill an objective or gather some material, it can't hurt to be nice and talk to whoever you come across. Building up a bit of a relationship with the people of Sandrock is as easy as a quick “Hello” while passing through.

9. Do the Early Side Quests fast

Some of the early Side Quests in My Time at Sandrock are incredibly useful, they unlock crucial features such as riding and fishing which become incredibly handy later on. And most of the early introduction quests will introduce you to the various characters and their businesses.

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9. Refine and Sell your Goods

Early on in the game, you can unlock a Refiner which can be used to upgrade the quality of your various goods by using special materials. This can be used to increase the value of some of them if you decide to sell them but will also go a long way in enhancing your equipment.

10. Decorate Your Home

One of the funnier mechanics of My Time at Sandrock is decoration. You can decorate your home and the little stretch of land you own with all kinds of furniture. But these don't just look pretty, not everything you place also has an effect on your stats and will increase them substantially.

11. Manipulate Game Speed

In the options under Game Settings, you find the Game Speed option. This can be turned up and down to your desire without impacting your experience. Let's say you have a long day planned so you can use this option to give you more time to get everything done.

Please note that this will not affect your stamina and unless you come prepared or are ready to fork out some gol for those stamina recovery items it won't give you more energy to play around with.

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My Time at Sandrock Tips – 11 Things We Wish We Knew
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