MSI 2023 Play-In Bracket Draws Are Finalized

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MSI 2023 Play-In Bracket Draws Are Finalized

The draw show was held after the LEC Spring Finals, which decided the final MSI 2023 participant.

Coming into today’s LEC Spring Finals, all but one of the thirteen MSI 2023 participants were already determined, the only exception being the LEC’s first seed. That seed ended up going to MAD Lions with their 3-2 victory over BDS in today’s series. With all teams now known, the fans got to watch the draw show held just after the Finals game. The draw show was hosted by Trevor “Quickshot” Henry and Martin “Rekkles” Larsson.

MSI 2023 format

Riot announced that they would be switching their format starting with this year’s Mid-Season Invitational, and also Worlds. While the new format keeps the Play-in and Bracket Stages relatively similar, it totally eliminated Bo1s from the event in favor of Bo3 and Bo5s.

For MSI 2023, a total of 13 teams from nine regions will attend the event. Eight of these teams will be directly seeded into the Play-in Stage, which will be two double elimination brackets played in Bo3s. Winner of each bracket will advance to the bracket stage. Two lower bracket winners from each side will face in a Bo5 Last Chance Qualifier for the third qualification spot.

In the Bracket Stage, eight qualified teams will play through another double elimination bracket, this time with all of the series being Bo5s.

MSI 2023 Play-in and Bracket draw results

Play-in teams

  • Pool 1: Bilibili Gaming (LPL)
  • Pool 1: G2 Esports (LEC)
  • Pool 2: Golden Guardians (LCS)
  • Pool 2: PSG Talon (PCS)
  • Pool 3: GAM Esports (VCS)
  • Pool 3: DetonatioN FocusMe (LJL)
  • Pool 4: Movistar R7 (LLA)
  • Pool 4: LOUD (CBLOL)

The eight teams here were divided into four different pools, which were then randomly placed into two different Play-in groups. Teams in Pool 1 will face Pool 4 teams in their first series, while the Pool 2 teams will have to battle Pool 3.

msi playin bracket

Bracket teams

  • Gen.G (LCK)
  • T1 (LCK)
  • JDG (LPL)
  • MAD Lions (LEC)
  • Cloud9 (LCS)
  • Three teams that will qualify from the Play-in stage

MSI 2023 schedule and how to watch the event

The capital of England and the United Kingdom, London, will be the host city for the 2023 Mid-Season Invitational. Kicking off on May 2, the three-week tournament will come to a head with the Grand Finals on May 21.

Fans can watch the whole tournament on the official Lol Esports website and Youtube channel, or via the official Riot Games Twitch channel.

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MSI 2023 Play-In Bracket Draws Are Finalized
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