Mobile Fans Rejoice, Shadowgun War Games Is Coming Soon

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Mobile Fans Rejoice, Shadowgun War Games Is Coming Soon

Cue the airhorns. Bring in the dancing lobsters. SWG is less than two weeks away!

Shadowgun War Games, the FPS with intense, hero-driven 5v5 battles, is locked and loaded for battle on iOS and Android, starting Feb. 12. Check out the teaser, which dropped last year, for a comfy, well-balanced preview of the game.

Developed by up and coming studio, MADFINGER Games, the game is a blend of Overwatch insanity with the bright, popping colors akin to the latter Borderlands series. MADFINGER has already sold over 250 million downloads for their respective titles, but with Shadowgun War Games, there is an extra level of depth, artistic determination, and frankly, a hell of a lot of fun. Register for the beta version now while there is still time!

The game unites competitive FPS gameplay to everyone, for everyone, with new age tutorials for beginning gamers, different series of skill-based matchmaking, and, can you believe it, absolutely NO pay-to-win mechanics. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, let’s also factor in that this is a mobile title that runs as smoothly as any desktop or standard console game.

For hardened veterans, players will discover features designed just for them, such as a Battle Pass and regular updates.

MADFINGER Games continues to push the limits of mobile devices with best-in-class visuals, complete with support for 120 Hz displays. For more information on the studio, as well as the game itself, check out our interview with the CEO of MADFINGER, Marek Rabas.

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