Millennia Nations Guide

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Millennia Nations Guide

Here we go over the different types of Nations that are playable in Millennia. Learn everything you need to know and more about Nations.

Millennia turns out to be a refreshing take on the 4X genre. Marrying much of what makes its bigger brother Civilization great while grinding down some of its more clunky parts for a smoother experience. In short, if you're looking for something to lose entire days on, you should look no further than Millennia.

To get you started, we'll explain everything you need to know about Nations, governments, and what you need to look out for before getting started.

Millennia Nations Guide

Let's explain the term first, a Nation in Millennia is the faction you're playing. You get to choose which country you want to play and they'll have to suffer through your terrible decisions for the next 10.000 years. But there's a little more to that.

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Regions and Vassals

Regions are the different parts that make up your Nation. They are set on a territory, have their own population, and provide resources that fuel pretty much everything you do.

Vassals on the other hand are the same, but aren't controlled directly by a player. Instead, they are either a conquered capital or a settler's new capital which is now under your thumb. They function on their own and will produce resources and share some with you while expanding their territory on their own.

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Careful though, these Vassals come with a Prosperity rating which you need to keep an eye out unless you want them to become trouble later on. Alternatively, you can also increase the Integration rating and take over a Vassal and turn it into one of your Regions instead.

You also need to look out for cohesion between all regions in your nation. This depends on the Culture that is spent across all your regions, and if the balance between them isn't maintained, you run the risk of creating unrest between them.

Minor Nations

Minor Nations in Millennia function similarly to Citystates in Civilization. They are independent large settlements that exist outside a player's grasp. You can of course try and build up your military and conquer them or go the diplomatic route to convince them to join your nation willingly.

Either option is a great way to expand your territory, just be aware that other players can do the same and you should move fast if you want that territory.

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Goverments are as you can probably tell the governing bodies in Millenia. They come in different types and exist to support and guide your strategies. Some Nations for example will benefit from keeping lots of Vassals while others flourish under a more direct rule.

Players have influence over all of these and it's all about picking the type of government that suits your playstyle or your current objectives. Your type of government can always be changed, either via a reform which is possible once you've researched a Government type into the highest tier, or through Revolutions if you want a more direct path.

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Revolutions can cause a lot of trouble if you aren't careful, so be extra sure if you really need a drastic change in your Nation's direction or if you can wait a little longer for a reform.

Governments also govern the way you conduct yourself diplomatically. How you establish contact with other players on the map, and how you need to navigate cultural differences. Employing Envoy and opening an Embassy are the first steps towards that. Should you consider a peaceful option of course.

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Lastly, there are Barbarians who are not really a Nation but are just as important to the overall ebb and flow of gameplay. These primarily exist to be annoying. Either they keep attacking you and yours and steal your valuables or can incite pesky revolutions later on and take over entire regions if you aren't careful.

You want to deal with them as fast as possible unless you want one of your regions to declare itself independent and break away from your Nation to form its own.

And that's everything we got on Nations in Millenia for the time being. We'll of course have much more on the title once it releases here on ESTNN

Millennia Nations Guide
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