Millennia All Crisis Ages Explained

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Millennia All Crisis Ages Explained

Here we explain all the Crisis Ages in Millenia.

Millenia is finally out and it is one of the better 4X games out there. Marrying new ideas with clever twists on existing genre conventions.

One of its biggest new ideas is the Crisis Ages which shake up your regular playthrough by introducing additional challenges depending on decisions. In this guide, we'll walk you through all the Crisis Ages, how they come about, and how to avoid them.

Millennia All Crisis Ages Explained

Let's get started with a little intro on Crisis Ages. They are special events that occur depending on the player's actions. If you for example wage too much war in the early goings of a game, you might incite an Age of War. Which itself isn't too bad but you'll have to navigate around its effects.

Age of Blood

The Age of Blood is triggered whenever the player gets a little too trigger-happy with their warfare endeavors. Technically, it just enforces your playstyle as you'll have an easier time waging war with your neighbors. Costs for keeping your war going are reduced but you'll have to make sure to accommodate your rapid expansion.

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Age of Plague

An Age of Plague comes about if a player expands a little too fast and grows their population rapidly. If you can't keep up with it by providing the sanitation needed, you'll drift into an Age of Plague. This will force you to deal with outbreaks all over your territory and can potentially wipe out large swafts of your population if you're not careful.

Age of Intolerance

Once you create or adopt a State Religion, an Age of Intolerance can trigger if you can't generate the Faith to meet the needs of your population. This can be good or bad. Nations with the same religion will receive a diplomatic bonus while other religions will receive diplomatic penalties.

In a similar fashion, your population will also receive bonuses and penalties depending on your population's relationship to their religion. This can be good or bad. A player who can navigate these circumstances will be able to use these bonuses to their benefit but it can and will cause conflict with your neighbors.

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Age of Ignorance

An age of Ignorance will come about if your nation's Knowledge and Education can't keep each with each other. This will make it very difficult to unlock certain later, advanced Technologies and might cause you to fall behind.

Age of Dystopia

If you can't manage the fears for the future, Chaos will spread throughout your population and society. Allowing this to grow further, unique Chaos events will trigger such as Riots from increasingly unhappy civilizations. You'll need to be extra careful and keep taps on everything to not escalate things further.

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Try and address the issues in your society before they get out of hand and increase your Chaos level further.

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Age of Visitors

If your society keeps sending messages into space, well. Ask and you shall receive. This Age is a massive gamble as it could end up beneficial for you. But it could also go really bad. Like, bad. So be careful who you play a game of Telephone with.

And that's all we got on the different Ages of Crises in Millennia. We hope this explainer will give you a basic idea of what you're dealing with when coming across these Ages of Crises. There are of course its counterparts, the Variant Ages which are largely beneficial if you play your cards right.

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Millennia All Crisis Ages Explained
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