Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game 2024 Roadmap

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Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game 2024 Roadmap

The Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game 2024 Roadmap is here and it hints at some exciting stuff for 2024.

It's been a minute since we heard much about Middle-earth strategy battle. But, here we are with an idea of what's to come for the rest of the year.

Things start off with a series of reprints of older model lines on a made-to-order basis. Alongside the return of an old board game that was only available in the United States and Germany.

Quest to Mount Doom

First up in 2024 is the return of the limited board game release the Quest to Mount Doom. Shown below, it was only released in two regions, but will now be given a wider release. This doesn't appear to be made-to-order, so expect it to return for a limited time.

ME Roadmap Jan25 Game

Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game Made-to-Order

A number of old sets are returning in 2024 on a made-to-order basis, so for those looking to bulk out their collection, this is your chance. As always, these are limited, and might not return any time soon, so if you want them be sure to keep an eye out for updates. The models coming back are:

  • Defenders of Rohan
  • Éomer, Knight of the Pelennor
  • Gamling (Warg Attack)
  • Heroes of Helm’s Deep
  • Rohan Commanders
  • Théoden (Warg Attack)

ME Roadmap Jan25 HelmsDeep

Some great models coming back into print, including a couple of fellowship members which is always a plus.

Middle-earth Strategy Battle 2024 supplement is coming

We last saw a release back in 2022 with the Battle for Osgiliath, and it looks like two years later we'll see the next edition of this Games Workshop title. For now, we have no idea what it could be, but with Adepticon coming up soon, that could be an ideal time to show off some new information for fans. Obviously, it will be a major battle during the Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit. If had a chance to vote, we'd say something around the The Battle of the Five Armies. That might be slightly based on our bias for Dwarf units.

2023 was an ok year for Middle-earth, and often forgotten part of the Games Workshop roster of titles, though often spoken about as one of the best gaming systems the company has to offer. Keep it locked to ESTNN for more information as soon as we get it.

In the meantime, check out our Warhammer section to keep up to date with everything that Games Workshop has to offer. Alongside that we also have a bunch of content around new and lesser-known games in the hobby space.

Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game 2024 Roadmap
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